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Methuen High School Yearbook, 1984 Songs in the 
REF 974.45 MET 73604 

Methuen High School Media Center 


METHUEN, MA 01844 

q$ \M From This Room 


METHUEN, MA 01844 



.©n High q 

>p gep p} 

Songs In The Key Of Life 

Stevie Wonder 

Teach Your Children 15 

Where Everybody Knows Your Name 31 

Let's Get Physical 97 

Human Touch 1 23 

Who Can It Be Now? 1 -45 

My Generation 1B1 

They Work Hard For Their Money 1 82 


Your Song 

Elton John 

When given the task of choosing a theme for our yearbook, the staff was faced with many 
ideas and options ranging from the mildly realistic to the extremely ridiculous. After many 
hours of arguments and headaches, a decision was made to base the book on music and 
songs. We decided to do this not because it was 3:3Q on a Friday afternoon and we all 
wanted to get home, but because we realized that we had to choose a theme that appealed 
to everyone in the class. Let's face it, everyone likes music. Whether it be heavy metal or 
easy listening, we all expose ourselves to music everyday. We listen to it on the way to 
school, in our cars, and while doing homework (sometimes) after school. A big portion of 
our weekly paychecks goes toward new albums or cassettes, not to mention T-shirts, pins, 
and concert tickets. It is this mutual interest that brings us together not only as a class, but 
as a generation and that will provide us with memories that we will keep for many years to 
come. After all, that is what a yearbook is supposed to do, bring back memories. The 1 98^ 
yearbook staff feels that we have accomplished this purpose; we only hope you do too. 

Hot Blooded 


On two days this year, the courageous, 
brave souls of Methuen High School came out 
of the woodwork and appeared in the field 
house to participate in the bloodmobiles 
sponsored by the Senior Class. Upon entering 
the field house, one could see many queer 
expressions and could hear the whispering of 
questions such as: "What am I doing here?" 
and "Is this going to hurt?" being asked 
among many students. Apparently though, 
the students have decided that they were 
supposed to be there, for in the first 
bloodmobile alone, over "75 pints of blood were 
collected. Besides giving blood, there were 
many other tasks to be done and many 
seniors helped out in this class activity. Some 
helped by taking temperatures, others by 
carrying pints of blood, and still others by 
talking to people while it was their turn to give 


Sing, Sing A Song 

The Methuen High School Chorus is open to all 

singers with approval of the instructor. They sing 

choral music from all periods and styles in 3, A, and 5 

part harmony. They perform in concerts at the schoo 

and in the community. Once a year they participate in 

the production of a Broadway Show. 

T. P. 

<&% I 

Kool and the Gang 

Every yean at Methuen High 

School, a week is set aside for 

the students and faculty to 

show their pride and 

enthusiasm for their school. 

On Monday it was "Toga Day" 

and on Tuesday "Hats and 

Sunglasses" appeared on 

almost every head around. On 

Wednesday it was "Prep, Jock 

and Hood Day" and many 

people switched identities in 

order to show their spirit. 

Originality was displayed on 

Thursday which was "Costume 

Day" when everything from a 

harem girl to a cloaked 

skeleton appeared. Finally, on 

Friday, everyone showed up in 

'BLUE and WHITE" to cheer for 

the powder puff players in that 

annual event. We've got 



We Are The Champions 


The outcome of the annual Powder Puff 
Football Game was a victory for the Seniors 
with a final score of B-O. The Seniors were 
coached by Mr. Stephen Sudol and Ms. Susan 
Marin. The Juniors were coached by Mr. Joseph 
Robilland. This year's cheerleaders were the 
best yet with a special appearance by 


Working for the Weekend 


"Everyone's watching to see what you can do. 

Everyone's looking at you. Everyone's wondering, will 

you come out tonight? Everyone's trying to get it 

right. " 

Day after day, work-study students scatter to the 

many different jobs. These jobs give them on the jobs 

training and experience for the real world. They train 

day after day so that when it is time for them to face 

the world, they will be ready. The training prepares 

them for the problems of real life, and the challenges. 

The incentive for all of this usually is enjoyment, the 

kind that we all look forward to after a week of hard 

work. "Everybody's working for the weekend. " 



Billy Joel 



The SAT's are given on 
Saturday mornings in the 
late fall and the late spring. 
On these mornings, 
college-bound students enter 
the building like students on 
"Death Row" heading for 
their last meals before 
execution. These tests make 
even the most confident 
students nervous. There are 
six tests divided into English 
and Math. These tests must 
be finished within limited time 
periods. One of the hardest 
parts of the test is filling out 
the personal information 
section. A student who can 
figure out the hardest math 
problems often has trouble 
remembering his or her own 
date of birth. The Seniors 
feel the most pressure 
during the test given during 
the fall of their senior year. 
This is the last time that 
they can bring their scores 
up to meet college 
requirements. When the 
tests are over, everyone 
heads for McDonalds, 
Burger King or the Mall. 
After the fall test, lunch is 
usually followed by the 
football game. Almost 
everyone admits that the 
hardest part of the SAT's is 
waiting for your scores to 
arrive in the mail! 



Come Together 


The annual 

teacher reception 

was held on 

November 23, 

1 9B3. The food 

was prepared by 

the Student 

Senate, including 

salads, cold cuts 

and baked goods. 

This "coming 

together" of the 

faculty is an event 

looked forward to 

by all participants. 


Come On Feel The IMoize 

Quiet Riot 

The Methuen High School Marching Band, 
which consists of 1 02 students and is directed 
by Mr. David Isadone, is most famous for 
performing at football games. Although the band 
gains its fame at these games, it also competed 
in four competitions this year. The awards 
received during these competitions included one 
first place, two third places, and a fourteenth 
rating in the state competition, along with top 
color guard, percussion, music, and drum major 

L. B. 

Puttin* on the Ritz 


A few members of the 

senior class were caught 

"puttin' on the ritz" at a 

local fashion show. The 

select group modeled 

wedding and prom tuxedos 

for Mr. Tux. The show 

was put on at several 

places including the 

Andover Country Club, 

the Salem Inn, and Mr. 

Kay's in Haverhill. 

Participating in this 

exclusive event were: 

Stephen Walsh, Mike 

DiPalermo, David Picarillo, 

Brett Ruhmann, Shae 

Baddoun, and Tom Kelley. 



! ? T 

siK:i.L*9*i ?& 


The Who 

Everyday at 2:00, Methuen 
High's eighth period class 
begins. Approximately "75 
students are greeted by Mr. 
Noiseux for one of the 
school's most popular classes 
. . . detention. Although 
detention is supposed to be a 
punishment, for some it is a 
great opportunity to catch up 
on gossip or plan the 
upcoming weekend. 


The annual Homecoming Game was played 

on a cold, blustery day, November 1 2, 1 9B3 

against Haverhill. The big bold blue and white 

Rangers came out on top by a score of 1 9 to 

O. Before the start of the game, the three 

finalists for the 1 984 Homecoming Queen 

contest were escorted onto the field by 

Senior Class President Dave Picarillo and 

Senior Class Vice-President Tony Ramy. Last 

year's Homecoming Queen, Sandy Novak, was 

present to crown the 1 984 winner. Crowned 

as the 1 984 Homecoming Queen was Ellen 

Endyke, attended by Lori Leahy and Kelly 


Teach Your Children 

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young 

"Education is an important element in the struggle for human rights, it is the means to help our children 
and people rediscover their identity and thereby increase self-respect. Education is our passport to the 
future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. " 

— New York Academy of Sciences 
Annual year — 1 371 , vol. 1 B4, pg — 260 

Leader of the Band 

Dan Fogelberg 

Each year the tasks and duties of the administration seem to 
grow larger, and each yean they always are able to handle this 


The Cooperative participation displayed here is directed towards 

having the school run smoothly. This could be related to the 

conducting of a musical symphony, and if this were to be the 

case, then the administration here at Methuen High is truly the 

Leader of the Band. 

Mr. Arthur Nicholson 
Assistant Principal 

Mr. Kenneth Dolloff 

Ms. Sheila Cunningham 

Dean of Girls 

'Those who play, must pay! 

Mr. David dayman 
Computer Director 

Mr. Steven Francis x 

Dean of Boys 
"Remember to engage brain before 
putting mouth in gear. " 

What Are Words For 

Mrs. Lillian Hershfield 
English Department Head 
He who looks on someone else's 
aper finds his paper in the 'wastey' 
asket. " 

Missing Persons 

Mr. Charles Eksoozian 

Mr. Dean Brouder 

Mrs. Pat Conroy 
'Not right now, I can't. " 

Mrs. Elaine Crane 
"Caring and sharing are the secrets 
of living. " 

Ms. Ann Mane Fiorilla Pinet 

Mr. Shawn Gurry 

Mr. Douglas Hallbauer 
"Even upright souls are reserved for 
rectilinear torment." 

Mr. Daniel Herlihy 

Mr. Thomas Jennings 

Mr. Alfred W. Jones, Jr. 


"Rich gifts wax poor when givers 

prove unkind. " — Hamlet, Act III, 

Scene I. 

Mrs. Ann Marie P. Krusell 
"Reading is to the mind what exer- 
cise is to the body. " 

Mrs. Lee Longshore Mr. Andrew Melnicki 

English English 

"No excellent soul is exempt from a "Success is won by honest toil. 
mixture of madness. " 

Miss Jennifer Smith 

Mr. H.R. Taylor 
"It is better to walk with hone than to 
nun with jackals. " 

Murder By Numbers 


Mr. Robert Fradette 
Math Department, Chairman 
"Mathematics is the alphabet with 
which God has written the uni- 
verse. " (Galileo] 

Mr. Joseph Austin 
Computer Science 
"Get off or I'll 'init' the syster 

Mrs. Doreen Devme-Noiseux 

Mrs. Jackie Dirsa 

Mrs. Anne Eckman 

Mrs. Joanne Gallagher 

Mr. Mike Goldsmith 
Computer Science 
"Let's be mellow. " 

Mr. John Heggarty 
"Sit down, shut up, or get out. 

Miss Judy Hiller 

Mrs. Susan McGrath 

Mrs. Marianne Moran 
"There are lots of ways to get to 

Mrs. Carol Regan 

Mrs. Rhonda Rhumshottel 

Mrs. Maureen Trioanello 

Mr. Frank Yelle 


« .V 

ing I Should Know? 

Duran Duran 

\ \ 1 1 

" wn m 

I jriNft^ ^ 

-»- _ 

Mr. Michael Hughes 
Social Studies 
Xnything worth doing is worth 
Ding well. " 

Mrs. Marie Comeau 
Social Studies 

Mr. Paul Fiorentini 
Social Studies 

Mr. John Nigrelli 
Social Studies 
"You know what I mean people?" 

Mr. Paul Noiseux 
Social Studies 

Mr. Frank Rapisardi 
Social Studies 
"Give it a rest. " 

Mr. Robert Rosmarino 
Social Studies 

Mr. Larry Salmansohn 
Social Studies 
"The price of freedom is eternal 
vigilance. " 

Mrs. Carol Scalera 
Social Studies 

Mr. Donald H. Smith 
Social Studies 
'Behave yourselves." 

Mr. David R. Whiting 

Social Studies 

"Come on characters — shape up. 



Mr. Alvin E. Huebner, Jr. 
Guidance Dept. , Chairman 
"Go for it!" 


Mr. William J. Cullen 

Miss Adele Demers 

Mrs. Janet McLennan 

Mrs Kathy Quick 

Keeping the Faith 

Billy Joel 

Ms. Denise Balfour 
Special Education. Dept. Head 

Mrs. Janis Collamore 
T. E. P. — Special Needs 
'You are making me crazy!" 

Ms. Ann French 
Special Needs 
"I'm writing you up. " 

Ms. Elaine Sammataro 
Special Education 
To thy own self be true. " 

Mrs. Claire Sternberg Shaby 

Special Education 

"Today is the tomorrow you were 

thinking about yesterday, make it a 

good one! " 

She Blinded Me With Science 

Mr. William E. Russell 
Science Dept. Head 

Mr. J. Paul Bourque 
"Please. " 

Mr. Joseph Forseze 
"Your book is your best friend. 

Thomas Dolby 

Mr. Roger Fuller 
» Science 

"The draw-bridge was open again! 

Mr. Peter Mazzaglia 
'A cheery good morning. " 

Mr. John A. Zimmski 
"OK — Let's get started. " 

Mr. John Moore 


"The deep things in science . . . are 

found because it was impossible to 

find them." 

Mr. Daniel F. Moynihan Peter- J. Salemi 

Science Science 

"Ontogeny recapitulates phy- "It is the early worm that gets 
logeny. " caught by the early bird. " 

Business as 

Men at Work 


Mr. William R. Gosselin 
Din. Health, Phys. Ed., and Athletics 
"An activity for everyone and every- 
one in an activity. " 

Miss Sheryl Allen 
Physical Education 

Miss Carol Bailey 
Physical Education 
"Awesome." "Give me a break. 

Mr. Larry Klimas 
Physical Education 

Mr. James McDermott 
Physical Education 

Mr Joseph Robillard 
Physical Education 

Mr Brian Urquhart 
Physical Education 
"Adiust your fine tuning plea"se. 

If I Were a Carpenter 

Bobby Dsrrm 

Mr. Richard D. Czarnec 
Industrial Arts 
'Success speaks for itself." 


Mr. Paul Constantineau 
Industrial Arts 

Mr. Edward Kelley 
Industrial Arts 
"Who me! " 

Mr. James Shamberger 
Industrial Arts 


Rev. Mr-. Gerard E. Gagne 

Foreign Language Dept. 


All Over The World 

Julia Andrade 
Foreign Language 

Mr. Joseph G. Caruso 
Foreign Language 
"An Italian class without homework, 
is like pizza without the cheese." 


Ms. Carole Dufresne 
Foreign Language 

Ms. Karen Kattar 

Foreign Language 
"What doesn't kill you, makes you 
stronger. " 

Beverly Taylor 
Foreign Language 

Mrs. Kathleen Van Horn 
Foreign Language 
"Vivi es ver volver" 

Mrs. Cynthia Wilcock 
Foreign Language 
"En boca cerrada nunca entran 

I Got the News 

Steely Dan 

Dr. Marilyn Harris 
"If all else fails, follow/ directions. 

Kenneth W. Hoffman 

Patricia Lyons 
"Creative minds are rarely tidy. 

Mr. Bill Salois 
A/V Technician — Media 


Miss Ruth A. Lange 

Business Department Head 

"Kindness is the language of love. " 

TakiiV Care of Business 

Bachman Turner Overdrive 

Mrs. Pat Borucki 
"Work to the best of your ability. 

Mrs. Katherine E. Greene 
"He who hesitates is lost." 

Mr. Milton Lebowitz 

Mrs. Linda Lyons Miss Susan Monn 

Business Business 

"Become all you can be without los- "And the thoughts of youth are long, 

ing yourself in the process. " long thoughts. " 

Miss Claire St Pierre 
"Rise above the ordinary." 

Mr. Stephen Sudol 

,'©00 0^0*0® 

,Oi©#oo oo®* 
^oo©@ o ®oooo®. 


Miss Patricia Walsh 

Mrs. Virginia G. Wilman 



Hurts So Good 

John Cougar Mellencamp 

Mrs. Mary Viscosi 
School Nurse 



Michael Jackson 

Paint It 

Rolling Stones 


Michael Jackson 

.' ' 

Cook of the 

Ms. Judy Cade 

Home Ec. — Department 


Ms. Denise Benner-Hall 
Home Ec. 
"You are just as capable and deserv- 
ing as everyone else, certainly no 
more, but certainly no less." 

Mr. David Isadore 
Dept. Head — Performing Arts 

Mrs. Shirley Hovanasian 
Performing Arts 

Maryellen Rancourt 
Home Ec. 

Mrs. Dorothy May 
Performing Arts 

> c\ 

Linda McCartney 






Adult Education 

Hall and dates 

divided by the square root of the population of Boston 

. And now a word from our sponsors 

How about my Mary Poppins' imitation? 

And Goldilocks tried Baby Bear's chair and it was just right! 

From now on just call me Joe Studd. 

We'll start our diets fifth period. 


This One's For You 

"Through the Years" in this 

vast Methuen High School, 

there has been a dedicated 

faculty member who has been 

willing to serve the students of 

this school as a friend as well 

as a confidant. This person has 

always been willing to listen to 

our problems, complaints, and 

criticisms, and has always tried 

to help us deal with them. His 

advice is considered, by many, 

to be the best around, and he 

is respected by faculty as well 

as students. It is with great 

pleasure that we, the Class of 

1 984, dedicate our Yearbook 

to a former yearbook member 

himself — our man in tan pants 

— Mr. Nick. 


Barry Manilow 

Only once in a lifetime will one 
come across a person as 
devoted and as important as 
this special man that we, the 
Class of 1 98-4, dedicate our 
Yearbook to. This man has 
been the "Heart and Soul" of 
the majority of the activities of 
our class. He has volunteered 
so much of his valuable time to 
the well-being of the students 
and has been responsible for 
broadcasting many athletic, as 
well as academic events, and 
also for starting the DECA 
program. His dedication to the 
school has given him the 
respect of faculty as well as 
students, and his smile will 
always be remembered. We 
would sincerely like to show our 
appreciation and give our best 
wishes to Mr. Pilat in 
appreciation of everything he 
has done for us. D.F. 

The Class of 1 984 would like to thank these two men for all the dedicator 
and determination they have given our class. Without their encourage 
ment, our four years at Methuen High wouldn't have been as rewarding oi ; 
as successful as they were. "Thanks Mr. Nick and Mr. Pilat, on behalf o 
the entire Class of 8-4". 

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues 

Freshman year can only be summed 

up in the title song by Elton John. 

The first year at Methuen High for 

many students is an adjustment 

period. Freshmen have to adjust to 

open classrooms, the layout of the 

building, the six day schedule, and 

being on the bottom rung of the 

ladder. By the end of October most 

of the freshmen have become lost 

at least twice and at least half of 

the freshmen who take a science 

have shown up late to a lab with a 

pass from their study teacher. 

Why? They forgot that they had lab 

on Day B! 

It's awfully hard to believe that we, 

the graduating class, were once as 

vague and immature as today's 

freshmen. It's even harder to believe 

that only three years ago we were 

the freshmen! 


Eicon John 

It's Getting Better All the Time 

The Beatles 

Sophomore year is an 
important yean. After a year 
of learning the ropes and 
testing the ground, 
Sophomores are ready to 
get involved. You establish 
yourselves as a part of the 
high school. You have always 
been a pant of high school, 
but now you will become 
more active. You are no 
ongen the "babies" of the 
school. You know your way 
around and you should know 
what to expect. 

The big part of Sophomore 
year is receiving class rings. 
This makes you feel like a 
more intimate part of the 
high school. You are also 
one step closer to 
graduating, and you feel, "It's 
Getting Better All the Time." 


One Thing Leads To Another 

The Junior yean is probably the best year during high 
school because many changes are experienced. You are 
now identified as an upperclassman — which means no 
more being pushed around by the Seniors. You start to 
get the feeling of maturity and responsibility. During the 
junior year, you go for your driver's license and hopefully 
pass the test; no more worrying about who is going to 

give you a ride. 

One thing every junior worries about is taking the SAT's. 

Most of the time everyone takes them more than once. 

One of the biggest events of junior year is the Junior 

Prom. Everyone is running around looking for gowns and 

suits at the last minute, wanting everything to be just 

right. It is a very important semi-formal dinner dance. As 

the end of the junior year approaches, the juniors are 

looking forward to the summer and finally their last year 

of high school. 

The Fixx 


Christine Ahearn 

Jacob J. Aleksa 

with Dana on the 

Ambition: To play hockey 
Boston Brums. 
Activities: Hockey 4 

Christine Amore 
Ambition: To become a hairdresser, and to li 
a happy and Successful life. 

Margaret R. Arcidiacono 
AmDition: To nave a successful career and al- 
ways live life to the fu"est To oeiieve in myself 
and make all nny dreams come true 
Activities- Matching band, concert band, jazz 
band. National Honor Society. mce^naDonai 
Club. Spanish Honor Society. 

James Arsenault 

Ambition: To be a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. 
When I get out. I want to make $1 00,000 a 
year. With my money I would like to rent a 
chalet in France and have a party. 
Activities: Cross-country, track. 

Charlie R. Asadoonan 
Abs, Fuz 

Ambition: To graduate from college with my 
masters in business. To start my own suc- 
cessful business. 

Activities: Pumping iron, fixing Mustangs, 
skung, skatmg, swimming, driving my Mus- 

Dana R. Atkinson 

th Jake on the Bos- 

Ambition: Toplayhocke' 

ton Brums. 

Activities: Soccer <3. Hockey 4 

James W. Atkinson 

Ambition: To Oe as good a person as my fatne 1- 
was and as nee as my mother s To be suc- 
cessful in life. 
Activities: Varsity ski team. Band. 


Matt Augen 

Antonio Azevedo 

Shae Nicholas Baddour 

Rochelle Bailey 

Matt, Matty 




Ambition: To have an awesome careen in com- 

Ambition: To be able to pass Mr, 


Ambition: To traverse the mightiest of rivers; 


To pursue a career in the marine 

puters, to get my black belt from the M. K. A. , 

Computer class. 

to conquer the highest mountains and to de- 


and to wm a million dollars in the lottery. 

Activities: Art programs, movies. 


scend the deepest abyss. Seriously now. 1 


Softball 2. Basketball 2, Volleyball 

Activities: Bowling, Photography, Rifle Club, 

listening to music. 

hope to be successful in all my future en- 


Computer Club. 

deavors and to maintain all my friends. 

Activities: Baseball *4, Basketball 2. Football 1 . 
Winter track 1 . Dance Company Master of 
Ceremonies. Methuen Police Explorers. Hunt- 
ing. Yoga. 


Tammy A. Baker 

Ambition: To be successful tn whatever I 
choose to do in life. 

Activities: To go out and have a good time, and 
to meet new people. 

Karen Marie Balsamo 

Ambition: To be a success ac whatever I do. 
Activities: Freshman Cheerieadmg. Dancing. 

Daniel Mark Barry 

Ambition: To f oce all the challenges chat come 
my way with the strength, wisdom, and cour- 
age to overcome them 

Actwifes: National Honor Society. French 
Honor Socety, Yearbook Ste" tco-editor). 

Boys Varsity Tennis 3, International Club. 
Massachusetts Boy's State. Class o' 'B^ Ring 
Comr orers. Pow- 

derpuf f Cheerteadmg Saued. Sen. or Cass Play 

— Illumination Technician. 

Judith A. Basso 
Ambition; To be happy and to do everything 
tnet i wont co do. 
Activities: To have ' fi ends 


Cheryl Marie Battaglia 

Ambition: To keep ell Che speciel memories of 
Che past, and to lead a healthy, happy, suc- 
cessful life in Che fuCure. 
Activities: Karate, Drama. 

Debra D. Beal 

AmbiCion: To pursue everything I want i 
Activities: Softball, Baskecball. Beach. 

Tracy Sandra Begin 

Ambition: To keep on partying all my life and to 

marry Jim, 

Activities: Swimming, Partying. 

Michele R. Belanger 

Ambition: To enjoy life to the fullest and to be 
happy anp successful m whatever I do. 
Activities: Volleyball. Dance Company. Cheer- 
leadmg. B.T. , Softball. Track. 

Nanci Bergeron 

Patrick T. Berryman 

Ambition: To travel Che world, to live a long, 
heppy. successful life, and to hopefully open up 
a travel agency with KMC. 
Activities: Bowling League, Travel Club. 

Tony Bianchi 


Ambition: To have a healthy, successfu 1 life To 
meet Neil Peart, and to become a famous 
drummer. To scert a Heavy Mecal Band with 
Bob and become famous. 
Activities: Play drums, Ski, Fish. 


Lisa Ann Monica BNodeau 

Ambition: To succeed in life but "e^e" stcc 
havmg fun. To always know that m | "a:c ness 
is reality and not an [fusion. To SKva\ s f^ne^- 
t>er Dennis. S 23 B3. To someday s^ow "Ms" 
all the gratitude i r>a-.e foi — e~ 
Activities: X-country ^ (Cact Senior /ear 
Winter Track 4. Track 5. -:e — at c~3 
Club, Drama Club. Senior Class Play Cback- 
scagej 3. Plays "Divide and MUCipiy" with Ma. 
M. C. for Variety Show -4. Senor Class Piay — 

Elizabeth A. Bistany 

Ambition: To go to college and become a suc- 
cessful lawyer. To live life Co Che fullesC. To 
always keep in couch wiCh my friends. Softball 
1 , Yearbook, Drama Club. Senior Class Play 
— LoreCta. 

Ronald A. Blanchette 

Ambition: To hopefully find out what my ambi- 
tion is. 
Activities: Hockey 3 and doing what I want to 

Victoria Judy Blezmski 
nbition: To be healthy, wealthy" and v 
e and protecc animals. 

Stephen R. Bolduc 

Ambition: To be a success in life and to have a 

healthy family, 

Activities: Swimming, Baseball. Hockey. 

ou. /' 

***** t 

^ v/h^' 


Theresa J. Bolduc 

Ambition: To achieve the goals I have set for 
rnyself. to ne\/er forget the friends that I have 
made over the years, and co never forget that 
Friday with Tarn, Lis and Ris. 

Activities: Freshman Cheerleadmg. Varsity 
Cheerleadmg 2 [Tri-Ceptam], National Honor 
Society, Spanish Honor Society. International 

Lucy Boragme 

Ambition: To be nappy and successful m life. To 

always remember Cindy. Debbie, Michelle. 

Kern. Gma and Micheie. 

Activities: International Club. Coop Business 


Cindy Ann Bouchard 
Ambition: To be successful m college and to be 
able to make it through law schoo' To rtg^ef 
forget the friends that i have made B 
good t-mes we shared 

Activities: Freshman track. J. V Volleyball. In- 
ternational Club. Spanish Honor Society 

Charles Dana Bradbury 
Chip. Chip-a D. 
Ambition: To become a professional athlete, 
and to live life to fie fullest. 

Activities: Varsity Hockey 3. Varsity Soccer 
a. Yearbook Staff. MVC An-Ster Hockey end 


Susan R. Brady 

Ambition: To succeed in life, 
Activities: Skating Club 2, Drama 

Kelly Breen 

Ambition: To lead a healthy and successful life 
and to stay close to the ones I love. 
Activities: Cheerleadmg 1 , Volleyball 1 . Skiing. 
International Club, Graphics Ctub. 

Maura Bresnahan 
Ambition: To accept others for who they are 
not what they are. To be the first woman to 
walk on the moon and still get home m time to 
cook dinner. 

Activities: Fieidhockey 1 . National Honor Soci- 
ety, Spanish Honor Society, GiH'e State. 
Yearbook Staff. International Club 

Beverly A. Bnen 

Ambition: To fi_.t~tner my eb^.cet>on and to nev- 
er lose touch with my fnenos 
Activities: Fieidhockey <3 {Cepten). Basketball 
•4, Softball -4. 

David Broadhurst 

Ambition: To beat on my Maverick until the 

wheels fall off. 

Activities: Wrestling. Traok, Hockey. 

Brian Brown 

To be successful in whatever I do. 

Judy K. Brown 
Brownie, Purple. 

Ambition: To always have my friends and to 
always remember the good times. Tc te as 
successful m life as possible. 
Activities: Fieidhockey <3. Track 3. 

Robert Burton Brown 
Ambition: To make the Oiynp'C Ski Team and 
to make a lot of money. 

Activities: Skimg (4 yr-s. . 2yrs. CaptJ. Cross- 
country 2. Spring Track 2. National Hono" So- 



Richard Buco 

Ambition: To be successful in life. 

Sheila Ann Bue 
Sheila Boo, The MSM 

Ambition; To grow in faith and love of God and 

counsel children. To carry with me a song in my 

heart, and never let life tear me apart. Even if I 

lose life's race. I pray I can keep a smile on my 


Activities: Dance Co.. International Club. 

Rafael A. Bueno, Jr. 

Chris Bundzinski 



Ambition: To stay as popular as 1 am now. 
Activities: Marching Band, Concert Band, 
Jazz Band, Basketball. Track. 

Ambition: To live a happy, healthy life and to 
visit the mountains for weeks at a time. 
Activities: Weightliftmg, being with my girl- 
friend. LeeAnn. 

c& // 

^ d y « 

Lisa J. Buyck 

Ambition To make my dreams and expecta- 
tions a reahty 

Activities National Honor Soc-ety. French 
Honor Society CPres. J, international Club. Ice 
Skating Club. 

Joseph S. Caiado 

Ambition To own a Corvette, five to a reason, 
able age. and have mucho bucks 
Activities: Mechanics. Fishing. DECA 

Sandra Calderon 

Ambition. To be successful in <>fe and to get 
everything that i have dreamed of 

es Spanish Honor Society. rr, U BiC, vol- 

Christopher J. Cameron 
Fred. Camoo 
Ambition To fmd en ambition, to becorne suc- 
cessful end to nun until I drop 

<3S CrooS-COunt*~y *3. Winter Track A. 
Spring Trock 4. SooniOh National Honor Soc- 
•emotional Club 


Joel Cameron 

Ivehsse M. Campos 
Ambition: To become a psychiatrist, and to be 
euccessful in life. 
Activities: Volleyball, music. 

Kelly Ann Caraccio 

Pezer Cardim 

Amp ton: To nave a happy ana success*- 'e 
and co nave D'enty of mo* E 
Activities Varsity Hockey. "~wS z 

Karen M. Cardoza 

Ambition: To travel the world, and to have as 
much gold as Mr. T. , and to hopefully open up a 
travel agency with P. T. B. 

Activities: Softball, Volleyball. Cheerleadmg, 
Travel Club. Concerts, beach, and Senior 
Class Play — Bella. 

Anthony S. Carelli 

Ambition: To always keep in touch with my 

friends, and to one day make everything up to 

my parents, and most of all to stay out of 


Activities: Going to concerts and having a 

good time. 

Domenic Carito 

Ambition: To get plenty of sleep, eat ptenty of 
food, and to make mega bucks doing it. 
Activities: Student Senate. Wrestling 2. 

Mike Castiglione 

Ambition: To go to college and to make t 
through successfully, also to live m the city. 
Activities: Basketball, working out, hanging 



Maryellen Castles 

Ambition: To live life to its fullest. To be suc- 
cessful in whatever careen I decide to pursue. 
Activities: Volleyball 2, Track 1, Business 

Donna L. Caux 

Ambition: To live a happy life and to always ha^e 

my friends. 

Activities: Socializing, dee-toe (detention! 

Frank A. Cavallaro 

Ambition: Success. 

Activities: Basketball <4 (Capt. ] 

Rosemarie Cavallaro 

Activities: Skating, reading. 

4* % 



Ed Champy 

Ambition; To play varsity basketball and suc- 
ceed m my job, hopefully as a Computer Techni- 

Activities: Motorcycles, Basketball. Bowling, 
Skiing, and working on smell engines. 

Monica R. Chenard 

Activities: Swimteam 3 

William Chester* 

Amotion; To live o long, happy and healthy life 
and to be successful at whatever I do 

Paul C. Childs 
Ambition; To beat McEnroe m streiQht Bete at 
Activities: TenniB. 


Robert M, Choquette Maria Chory David J. Coco Glenn M. Collins 

Choke Shorty Cokes Ambition: To get my black belt .n karate end to 

Ambition; To graduate from high school. To Activities: Drumming. Eagle Tribune Paper Ambition: To succeed in life. To live the nest of ^LT^. 3 ." fe^cx-s. but mostly r»ch. 

become the All-Master being of time, space Houte A. my hfe in Italy, ana to a 68 AN/IX 

and dimension. Activities: Karate. 

Activities: Bowling League, Senior Class Play 
— Police Officer. 

Activities Karate. Mu 

Steven Comeau 

Anthony Coney 

Erin A. Comenford Timothy Corbitt 

Zub Ambition: To buy a new car every six months 

Ambition: To take life day by day and to (so far so good). Ambition: To succeed m life and to get my car 

appreciate it. on t he road. 

Activities: Swim Team 1 . Ski Team 3 — Cape. Activities: Football. 

James L. Corriveau 

Ambition: To be rich, happy and famous! 
Activities: Soccer, hockey. Parties, more pan- 
ties, e lot more panties! 

Steven G. Courcy 

Ambition: To own a small business. 
Activities: Snowmobilmg. 

Martin Couture 

Ambition: To be a top executive, own a Mer- 

cedes 450SL and a Audi 5000S. 
Activities: International Club, 


Susan T. Cox 

Ambition: To live a long and happy life, to furth- 
er my education and to become successful. 

Bryan Crepeau 

Ambition: To be rich and to defy the laws of 


Activities: Partying, concerts, beach, girls. 

Diane Croft 

Activities: Workstudy 

Patrick Cronm 

Anthony Cugno 


Ambition- To graduate 'nsm college and to be a Ambition: Not to get into another accident. 
successful busineci'. Activities- Watching Paul and C\n&y fight. 

Activities. Computer Cub. 


Cathleen Cullum 

Ambition: To do everything in life that I've al- 
ways wanted to do. 

Activities: Marching Band A, Concert Band A, 
Jazz Band A, Softball 3, Swimming 2. 

Sean M. Cusack 
Ambition: To live my life to the fullest, to be 

Activities: Basketball 2. Tennis A. Cross- 
country 1 , Track and field 1 . Freshmen 
Homeroom Representative. 

Paul J. Cyr 

Ambition: To become nch and fame 

computers and be able to retire at the age of 


Activities: Band A, Picking on Cindy m 


Mike D'Arezzo 
To graduate a^d to stay out of the 



Activities Computer Club 


Rodney A. Dauteuil, Jr. 
Ambition: To be an officer in the United States 
Air Force and to live my life to the fullest ex- 

Activities: Civil Air Patrol, playing the guitar. 

Gary P. Debenedetto 

Ambition: To make a lot of money. 
Activities: Basketball. 

Christine L. Decubellis 
Chris, Chrissy. Decca 

Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do. To 
stay healthy and to always be happy with my- 
Activities: Business Coop. . Bob. 

Lisa Defeo 

Ambition: To be successful 
choose to do in my life. 



Paula DeLuca 
Ambition: To live a successful life. 

Rachael Arlene Demers 
Rach, Sarah Lee 

Ambition: To someday own my own hairdres- 
sing shop, have my name in lights, and have a 
long, happy marriage with the one I love. 
Activities: Freshman Senate, JV Volleyball, 
Track, Homeroom Rep., Business Co-op. 

Paul R. DePetnillo 
Dippy, Dip 

Ambition: To become rich so I can afford r 
expensive grown-up toys. 

Activities: Bank, 4-wheelmg, Partying. Spen 
ing large amounts of money. 

Lori A. Deschamp 

Ambition: To travel around the world and to 
always be close to the friends I've made at 
Methuen High School. 

Activities: Freshman Cheerleading, Freshman 
Senate, Ice Skating. 

Barbara Deschene 

Ambition: To be successful in life, and to marry 

Kelly J. Devme 

Ambition: To hve a happy end successful hfe 
Activities; Figure Skating Club. 

Glenn E. Dewhirst 

Ambition To become prosperous m further 
undertakings or to become the assistant prin- 
cipal of Methuen High School. 
Activities: Freshman Cass Treasurer. Year- 
book Staff. Re-evaiuatirvg Committee 

Nicole Mane Dibenedetto 
ArnbiDon. To be successful as a legal secre- 
tary and to always be happy m life. To have a 
happy, ipng-tastrng marriage and wonderful 
children to go along / 

Activities: Junior Achievement, Chorus, Dis- 
tributive Ed . Homeroom Representative. 



Mania Dietz 

Ambition: To stay with Joe Forever, spend all 
his money, and become a dancer. 
Activitiee: Partying with Diane. 

Kenn E. DiFalco 


Ambition: To live a long, happy, successful life 

and to always have that someone special m my 


Activities: Freshman Homeroom Rep., Fresh- 
men Cheerleadmg, Distributive Ed. , Glenn. 

Debra L. DiFrancesco 
Debbie, Deb 

Ambition: To be happy and healthy, marry a 

nch fox, and always stay dose to my friends. 

Marc DiFnuscia 

Amo.tjon: To die with my boots 

ActJVr&es Driving, Lifting. 

Mary-Kathleen Dignam 
Ambition: To have all my dreams come true. 
Activities' Field Hockey (-4), Basketball (-43, 
Softball £3), Powderpuff Football, National 
Honor Society C3). Yearbook Staff. 


Frank DiMauro 
The Bodd 

To go to work and be successful. 
Hockey. Bowling. 

Robert DiMauro 

Ambition: To be successful. 
Activities: Hockey, Bowling. 

Michael DiPalermo 
D. Mike D. 
Ambition: To boldly go where no roan i-ias gone 
before; no. but ser-ousiy. to have John Saba 
beam me aboard the Enterprise on his way to 

Activities: Gymnast'cs. Skiing, Soccer — Co- 
Captam [<a], Yachting. K.S.. Jacuzzi team re- 
cruiter and co-captain. 


Cynthia DiPrima 

Ambition: To live a successful life to the fullest 
and have every dream come true. 
Activities: Teasing Paul in homeroom. 

Lisa DiRamacca 

Ambition: To live a happy successful life. 

Daniel P. Donahue 
Dan, Booneman 

Ambition: To marry Fran, to become healthy, 
wealthy, and more wealthy. 

Margaret A, Dowgient 

Ambition: To be nobody but myself — in a world 
which js doing its best, night and day. fighting 
the hardest battle which any human being can 
fight, and never stop fighting. 
Activities: Distributive Ed. . Business Co-op. 

Anthony V. Drago 

Ambition: To be a natural resource officer 
Activities: Hunting, Fishing. 

Ruth L. Eaton 
Ambition: To enioy life and do my best to be 
successful m whatever profession I seek 
Activities; Doncmg. Junior Achievement, in- 
ternational Club. Yearbook. Staff. Usherette 
Senior Class Play. 

Blanca Echevarna 

Ambition: To learn many languages 
Activities: Volleyball. BasketoaH. Swir 
Horse riding. Skiing. 

Kristen M. Ehes 

Kns. Krissy 

Ambition: To be rich, travel, end to always re- 

member my years With John. 

Activities Powderpuff football. Working, 


Kim Elliot 

Ambition: To graduate, move onto a better 
life, and to never forget the good times at 
Methuen High. 
Activities; Partying on weekends. 

Ellen Endyke 

Ambition: To live an exciting life, to see the 

world, and to always be happy. 

Activities: Volleyball. Track, Ski team, Softball. 

Powderpuff football. Senior Class Play. 

Elaine Eppa 
Epp, Chubs 

Ambition: To live to a nice old age ana nave a 
good time doing it. 
Activities: Partying. 

Bobbt-jo Estes 

Ambition: To get merrveO. nave a fern. iy. and to 
be a secretary. 

Suzanne D. Fauchen 

Ambition: To earn a masters degree in Busi- 
ness Administration and to become a suc- 
cessful businesswoman. 

Activities: Student Senate. (40 President. Ice 
Skating Club, Student Advisory Council. Inter- 
national Club. 

Brenda Feole 

Mansa Ferrara 

Russell S. Fichera 


Ambition: To be successful at whatever 
and live a long, happy life with Rob!! 


Ambition: To be healthy, wealthy, and \, 


Ambition: To be a successful buS'neSSrnan and 
live a long, happy life. 
Activities: Working. 


Grace Carmela Finocchiaro 

Ambition: To live a long, happy, successful life, 
to achieve a degree in Computer Science, and 
to have a lot of money to tour Europe. 
Activities: Foreign Language Club, Secretary 
French Honor Society. 

Mario Joseph Finocchiaro 

Ambition: Life a long, happy life; get married, 

settle down, have a few yeans to think about 

what I want to do, and get a good mechanical 

job working on cars. 

Activities: Football, Wrestling, Automotive 


David Firth 

Ambition: To be a successful mechanic and 

have a happy family. 

Activities: Football, Motoncross, Fishing. 

Michael W. Fone 

Ambition: Get a license to fly a plane and be 

successful in life. 

Activities: Work. Football, Baseball. Girls. 

Hanging around. 

^ % 

^ d y ir d 













Beth Ford 

Ambition: To graduate from Castle College, 
always be high on life, and to never forget the 
best times I've had in Methuen High. 
Activities: Distributive Ed 

Michael V. Fowler 
Ambition: To make enough cash during the 
week to have a good time on weekends Also. 
to someday get marned so we both bring 
home enough money to own a nice home and 
Activities: Football. Gymnest-cs. L'sa V 

Timothy Omer Frechette 

AmbiDon: To have one of my core as a cover 
story on Hot Rod Magazine and to be the old- 
est living Beach BoyB fan, 

ea: GymnaBtcs W), Baseball C ). Year- 
book Staff (Art). Dance Co., Master of Cere- 
monies. Wearing o blue end white w<g. cars. 
being myself. Senior C'BBB Play. 

Deborah F. Furneri 

Activities: Concert, Jazz. Marching Band. 
Drum Major. Spanish Honor Society, interne- 
tionei Club. 



Ambition: To someday 


Activities: Powderpuff 


go to college and to be 


Diane V. Fyrer 
Ambition: Not to dwell on the past or be wor- 
ried about the future, but to live for this day 
and make it worth remembering. 
Activities: National Honor Society. Spanish 
Honor Society, Yearbook Staff, international 
Club. Swtm Team (4), Softball 04). R.J.. Senior 
Class Play. 

Lisa A. Gallo 
Ambition: To be healthy and happy, to go to 
school, and to someday have a family. 

Robert J. Gallo 

AmbiDon: To be unique m a lano of iOsers 

Acovi&es Having a good time. 


Venenando Garozzo 

Orazio A. Garozzo 
Fred, Harry 

Ambition: To be very rich and to live a long Ambition: To be rich and famous by the time I'r 

healthy life with my Italian wife. thirty. 

Activities; Bowling. 

Randy R. Gaumond 

Gary M. Gearin 
Ambition; To become an M.D. ana open up a 
hotdog stand m Fairbanks. Alaska: not neces- 
sarily m that order 

Activities: National Honor Society. Spanish 
Honor Society. International Club. J. A , Se- 
nior Class Play. Lloyd. 


Maura L. Gearin 

id have fun while doing 

Ambition: To live. love, e 
it, and to go to college. 
Activities: Skating Club C2). J. A 

Kimberly A. George 

Ambition: To someday be rich and successful. 
Activities: Colorguard 14), Rifle line C2). Dance 
Co. (4). Secretary (S3. 

Robert J. Giblin 

.mbition: To be successful in college and tc 

let a good job after I finish. 

activities: Working, Spanish Honor Society. 

Nina Gioia 

Ambition: To fulfill my dreams and to be happy 

in everything I pursue. 

Activities: Make-up for Class Play. 

^ % 




^ d y *> 











Ambition: To go 
very wealthy. 
Activities: Ski team 

Steve A. Giordano 
Co Che mafia and become 

Cheryl Ann S. Goguen 

Ambition: To make a lot of money on my own. 
to keep my closest friends forever, and to love 
and be loved. 

Activities: Working. Playing cords. Writing, 
Having a good time 

Gina Golec 

Ambition: To live today like there i 

Michael A. Golio 

Ambition: To spread wipaouta across th« 
world, to make people happy. and to 'ivo life to 
the fullest 

Activities: Yeiimg wpeoute across the school 
and holding up the walls. 


Lori Grasso 

Ambition; To marry Rick Savage and live in our 
penthouse on Park Avenue in NY. 
Activities: Partying 

Richard M. Greene 

Ambition: Not to be like Mike and Paul, to make 

it all the way in the Marines, and to hopefully to 


Activities: O. E. , Going for rides with Chris B. . 

Getting my head shaved. 

Mary Ellen Grelle 
Ambition: Take one day at a time and do tne 
best that I can m my career. 
Activities: Office and Media Center worker. 
School store assistant, Roller skating, 

Glenn Grille- 

Ambition; To Ski the Alps and to boy an island. 
Activities; Soccer (*3). Skung, Tennis. 

Amy M. Groves 

Ambition: To be happy with whatever I choose 
to do in the future. 

Michael J. Guessetto 

Priscilla L. Guilfoyle 

Ambition: To be successful and to win the lot- 

Wesley C. Haigh 


Ambition: To fulfill my racing ce^e" annj then 
to get married. 
Activities; Ski team. 


Jeffrey M. Hailson 

Ambicion: To succeed after- school and to ski 
down Mt. Rushmore. 

Gina Hamel 

Ambition: To follow my dreams, co party, 
to spend the rest of my life with John. 

Michael A. Hannagan 

Ambition: To graduate and to live a long life. 

David M. Hartnett 

Ambition: To be a millionaire and to go through 

life without dying. 

Activities: Lifting at Ed's Gym, Hockey, Motley 


^ % 






Michael Henry 
Ambition; To go on to college and to play hock- 
ey after school- 
Activities: Hockey i4\ 

Mark Hertrich 

Ambition. To boldly go where no man has gone 
before, but seriously, to have a successful ca- 
reer in music. 
Activities: Concert. Marching, Je*Z Bend 

Paul G. Hickey 

Ambition: To accomplish any goal I set out to 


Acttvifes. Cross Country, Indoor Track. Out- 
door Track, Distance Events. 

Amy Ellen Hildebrendt 

Ambition: To accomplioh my draarno and to 
find happiness in my futons. 

'.■e: Cneerteadmg (1), Spring Track (S), 
Volleyball OJ. 


Brian Hillard 

Ambition: To get a job. 

Raymond Himmer 
Ambition: To play my bass, to make a i 
dollars, and then to get married. 

Diane Hon 
Ambition: To succeed m life. 
Activities Horseback ridmi 
Bicycling, ndmg. 

Kimberley Holdsworch 

Ambition: To live a haooy. successful life and to 
always stay dose to my fr-e^as 


Ambition: To 
marry Scott. 

Linda Marie Holland 

To make it through this year and to 

Lisa J- Holland 

Ambition: To ne\/er forget that Friday with 

Theresa, Tammy, and Marissa. and to some- 
day find the gold at the end of the rainbow. 
Activities: Spring. Winter Track, International 
Club. National Honor Society, Spanish Honor 
Society. Dance Company. 

John C Hopkins 

Ambition: To make a lot of money. 
Activities: Hockey. Skiing, Having a good tir 

Andrew A. Houle 

Ambition: My music's loud, my driving s fast. 
I'm going to live my life as long as rt lasts. 
Activities: Full contact karate, Heavy metal 
music. Motley Crue. 



Brenda J. Hughes 


Ambition: To have a long, happy life, always 

remember the times I've had and the times I'rr 

going to have! 

Activities: Concert, Marching. Jazz Bana 


Martha Elizabeth Hunt 


Ambition: To be uniqi 
basics! Also, to be an 


Activities: Manager of a Jesus Rock band, 
Working with special needs and elderly people, 
acting. Academic Internship. Photography as 
an art. Senior Class Play. 

Jason E. larossi 

Ambition: To become a lawyer. 
Activities: Weightliftmg. Politics. 

Gina M. Izzi 
Ambition: To go to college to study child devel- 
opment, to learn all about children and later 
work with them. 

Activities: Reading. Babysitting, Drawing. 
Being with friends. 

F % 

^ffus "S 

Paul J. Izzi 


Ambition To become a lawyer 

Activities National Honor Sooety. Spanisi-i 

Honor Socety. Co-n collecting. Fishing. 

Leanne Jacques 

Ambition: To survive society 
Activities: Academic mte^s^'D. Ranger Re- 
port. Photography Club — Vice President, 
Chorus. Student Senate — Corresponding 
Secretary. Computer Cub — Vice President. 
Senior Class Play 

Francme Janowski 
Ambition To * Jreems I 

successful, heooy '»fe w<f-< Don 
Activities: Winter. Spring Track. 

Michael Jordan 

Ambition: To merrv a Playboy bunny 

ae: Varsity football, water aknng. 


Kimberly Anne Kasperowitz 
Kim, Garbage mouth 

Ambition: To someday live in California and be- 
come a beach bum with Laurie Leach! 
Activities: Having a good time with all my 
friends, staying in trouble. 

John J. Kelleher 

Thomas F. Kelly 

Ambition: To make a lot Of money 
Activities: Weekend parties. Cars, 

Margaret A. Kennedy 

Ambition To graduate, become ncn, to sue- 
cessfu 1 . * _ * a my dreams and to live 'e to 

Activties international C ub Span s 1 - Honor 

Linda A. Keyes 

Ambition: To be an accountant or whatever 
occupation I get into. 
Activities: Music, Dance. 

Randi Klimas 
Beth, Klem 

Ambition: To never forget my best friends, 
especially KJ, PC, JR. JD. and Bubba. Also to 
someday relive the summer of 81 forever with 
TH. but most of all live for the future and al- 
ways remember the good times. 
Activities: Volleyball 133 — Captain, Basketball 
(3), Softball (43. Skiing C2], 

Davtd Kraunelis 

Ambition: To be successful m life. 
Activities: Wrestling, Football, Tenr 

Kristine M. Lacroix 
Ambition: To fulfill my heart's desires, to De- 
come successful m the career of Business 
Management, and to live for today. remembe r 
all my yesterdays, and to dream towards to- 

Activities: Student Senate — Freshman, Soft- 
ball 04). Basketball C2J. 


Kathleen Lannan 

Ambition: To achieve any goals Chat I may set 
and to fulfill my dreams that I may have. 
Activities: Marching Band. Colorguard (4J. In- 
ternational Club. 

Roger LaPointe, Jr\ 
Ambition: To complete college and to becon 
a Federal gamewarden. 
Activities: Baseball C1J, DECA. 

Danny Latulippe 

To live out my life and to becon 
5ing, Heavy Metal m 

Laurie Leach 

Ambition: To always be happy, to keep in touch 
with my friends, and to move to California with 
Kim Kasper. 
Activities: Weekends. 




r y 








u£* d <K 






Lon Leahy 

Anthony J. Leone 

Michelle M. Leclerc Julie Leonard 

Ambition: To enjoy life end Co always be nancy Ambition: To travel around tne U S . meet dif • Going out ferent Deoole ana neve e carefree, fun i,r e Ambition: To continue my education. Volleyball. Track. Basketball. Activities Basketball Football. Tennie. 



Bnidgette Leone 

Ambition: To live my dreams, Co never forget 
my friends, end to keep on laughing. 
Activities: Track. International Club, Yearbook 

JoAnne Levesque 

Ambition: To live life co the fullest, co be happy 
and healthy. 

Isaias Linano 

Ambition: To become a doctor and help people 
m need. Also to travel the world, to see new 
faces and new places. 

Sana Liriano 


Ambition: To be successful in my career, to irve 

a long healthy, and wealthy nfe. and to one day 

ti-evei ail over the wortd. 

Bonnie Christine Lowe 

Ambition: To become a very high paid secre- 
tary and to live a happy successful life. 
Activities: Distributive Ed. , Duke. 

Dedra L. Lucier 

Ambition: To get married to Mr. Right, have 
twins, own my own house, and to keep in touch 
with my friends. 
Activities: Distributive Ed. 

Matthew J. Machera 

Ambition: To boldly go where no man has gone 
before, to travel to the dimension between 
night and day. a dimension between sight and 
sound, and to become the first attorney with a 
practice m the Twilight Zone. 

Activities: Jacuzzi Team — Recruiter and Co- 
Capt. . Spring Soccer. Senior Class Play — 

Brian A. Major 

Ambition: To be successful and to live i 


Activities: Hunting, Trapping, DECA 



Paul Major, Jr. 

Ambition: To be rich. 
Activities: Beach, camping. 

John R. Makus 

Ambition: To be a photographer for Playboy! 
Activities: Yearbook Staff . Rifle Club (2). Chor- 
us, Ranger Report: C4), Senior Class Play 

Tamara Malonson 


Ambition: To live a happy successful life, own 
my own 1 B-wheeler and party in the back with 
the world! 

Activities: Waterskung. Walking on the beach 
with someone. 

James Mambno 

VU. /; 









i>J* d 3 *. 











Patricia Maranto 


Ambition: To be able to succeed and to be 

happy in my career and m my life, and to spend 

it with Joe. 

Activities: National Honor Society. Spanish 
Honor Society. Academic Internship, Interna- 
tional Club. Working. 

Cheryl A. Marchand 

Ambition To be successful in whatever I do 
and to be happy for the rest of my life. 

Daniel Marchand 

Emanuele J. Marchese 


Robert T. Marggraf 

Ambition: To travel, be happy, and to experi- 
ence all the great things this world has to 

Activities: Football, Indoor 
Senior Class Play — Alex. 

Outdoor Track, 

Pamela Jean Markerc 

Ambition: To always try to do the best things m 
life, to lead a happy successful life, and to al- 
ways remember my friends. 

Activities: Track. Foreign Language Club. Dra- 
ma, Talent Show. 

Paula Ann Markert 

Ambition: To go to college to ma,or m Business 
Management and Computers. Also, to be- 
come extremely rich ... to the max! 

Joe J. MarxDon 
Activities: Footo-eN. Softball. Hockey. Party 

Jim Martin 

Ambition: To further my career in the field of 
architecture, to become very rich, and to find 
Mrs. Right. 

Rita Martone 
Bright Eyes, Sado 

Ambition: To form a rock band with Heidi, tc 
tour the U. S. A. , to make Worcester Centrum 
our last stop, and to always be happy m life. 
Activities: Concerts. Beach, Horseback rid 
ing. DECA. 

John Maurais 
To be a success. 

Lon May 

Ambition: To be happy and successfu 
go to Switzerland again someday. 
Activities: Academic internship. 


Kathy J. McAndrew 

Barbara L. McCarthy 

Ambition: To be a secretary or an accountant Ambition; To live, love, and laugh, and to dc 

in a small business. what I want whenever I want. 

Activities: Avon Representative, Babysitting, Activities: Field Hockey C1 ), Basketball (2), Se- 

Exercising. nior Class Secretary. 

Daniel McCarthy Joan Marie McCarthy 

Dan, Mac Ambition: To live a happy successful, and heal- 

Ambition: To go to college and to live long, ^^ll!*;™!*^™™!!":™^^ 

hard, and fast. 

Activities: Football (2). Wrestling C3J, Track 

Activities: Cooperative Work Experience. 


June E. McConnell 

John M. McCormack 
Ambition: To be a professional hockey player, a 
commercial artist, and to survive 
Activities: Hockey. Eating, Sleeping. 

Randy McCnlhs II 
Uncle Doo 

Ambition To five a healthy hsooy life, to be 
successful in whatever I do and to be able to 
ret're before I'm forty 
Activities: Band W) 

Haywood McDonald 


William McDonald 

Ellen McGibbon 

Ambidon: To always oe successful in every- 
thing I do and to spend the rest of my life wen 
John B. 
Activities: Being friends with Carolyn. 

Joseph P. McGum 

Ambi&on: To Decome healthy, wealthy and wis- 
er and to spend the nest c joann 
Activities Soccer. Hockey. Baseball. Track. 

Paul R. McKenzie. Jr. 

on: To Decome wealthy and co en,oy 
what i do. 

Tracy McNichols 

Ambition: To serve the Lord Jesus Christ with 
all my heart and soul. 

Activities: Going to Youth Group and doing the 
Lord's work. 

Paul M. McPeak 

Ambition: To become a CPA and to be suc- 
cessful m all my future ambitions, 
Activities: Soccer 2, Track 1, Baseball 2. Ring 

Christine Medici 
Chris. Tina 

Ambition: To travel a lot. to be success'- - a 

business career, and to spend the rest of my 

hfe with Tom T. 

Activities: Horseback ridir 

Business Exp. 

ig, Skiing. Coop. 

Leonard c Medlock 

Ambition: To lead a wild and crazy life b^c stai 
make loads of money. 

Activities: Listening to Rock 'n Roll, Concerts. 
Enjoying horror films. 


Karen M. Melisi 

nbition: To be s helf famous, totally crazy 
:ist. and to always stay high on life. 

Lisa Gayle Merrill 

Ambition: To be successful in life and someday 
get married. Also to get a good job that pays 
good money and become rich. 

Julie Messina 

ny dreams without gettir 

Lisa M. Michaud 

Ambition: To live my life to its fullest and re- 
member the good times. To win the lottery. 
Activities: Partying. 

^ % 


Beniami i Miele 

Ambition: To be successful and to Dump iror 


Activities: Weightliftmg, Work. Gymnastics. 

National Honor Society 

Pamela Moll 
Ambition: To live life to the fullest, to succeed 
m whatever I decide to oursue in life, and to 
never forget the friends I have made through 
the years. 

Activities: Volleyball <4. Basketball 4. Softball 
4. Bowling, Powderpuff Football. 

Robyn Moll 

Ambi&on: To live life to the fullest and to hope- 
fully pursue a career m dancing. Also, to keep 
m touch with all my close friendB. 
Activities: Dancing. Cheerleadmg 1 . Track 2. 
international Club. Dance Company /3, Senior 
Cass Play — Keren, 

Christine Morasse 

Ambition: To be successful In life and every- 
thing I do. to always be happy and to never lose 
touch with my friends. 

Activities: Volleyball. Softball, international 
Club. Student Senate. Junior Achievement. 


Glenn A. Morissette 

Ambition: To be able Co look back on my life one 
day and feel happy about my family, thankful 
for my friends, and proud of my sccomplish- 

Activities: Soccer A Co-Captain. Baseball 4, 
Basketball 2. National Honor Society Presi- 
dent, French Honor Society. International 

Paul M. Morrison 
The Leaze 
Ambition: To stay happy, to keep partying and 
to graduate from Methuen High School! 
Activities: Skating. Working. Partying. 

Stacey Morrison 

Ambition: To marry a rich, nice looking guy so I 

never Have to work again. 

Activities. Working out. Having an excellent 


Alfred J. Moschetto 

Ambifon: To take over my fef~>er s o^s m ess 

Charles Motta 

Ambition: To go to college and to be successful 

in life, or to marry a rich girl so she can support 


Activities: Football 1 . 

Andrew J. Moynihan 
Ambition: To take life as it comes. 

Shaun R. Moynihan 


Ambition: To have a garage full of Mustangs. 

Activities: Working on my Mustang. Skating. 

James Murphy 


Jodi A. Nicolosi Kara Nightingale Kelly O'Connell Gabrielle S. Oeckl 

Nikki Spaz, Nights Kel Gabs 

Ambition: To do what I want and have a good Ambition: To graduate from college with a de- Ambition: To one day become famous and to Ambition; To do my best presently, to fulfill my 

time doing it. gree in physical therapy, later open a sports have lots of money. wishes, accomplish my goals of the future, and 

Activities: Fieldhockey A Captain, Basketball clinic, and to always spend time with my Activities: Chorus, Having parties, Bye, Bye never forget the good times of the past! 

2. Softball 2, Powderpuff Football. friends. Birdie. Activities: Figure Skating Club, International 

Activities: Swimming 4 Co-Captain, Softball 3, Club. French Honor Society, National Honor 

Spanish Honor Society, International Club. Society. 

Mayra L. Ortiz Migdalia Ortiz 

Ambition: To go to college, be successful m my fVliCkey 

career, and live a happy, healthy i.fe AmblCton . Togo to college, be successful in yie 

future, and remember all the good times I hod 

with my friends 

John Pacheco 

Teresa E. Padvaiakas 

Amb'tion: To live m Switzerland t*r%a always 

nave friends. 

Activities: Softball. Basketball. Yearbook 


Robert W. Pagliuso 

Ambition: To one day become famous with the 
music that I play. 

Activities: Playing the guitar, Partying, Having 
a good time. 

Sandra Palumbo 
Ambition: To live a happy life and fulfill all my 

Activities: Gross-country. Spring Track. Win- 
ter Track, Band. 

Rhonda M. Pappalardo 
Ambition: To always have a happy life. 

Gma Panadis 

Amcu&on: To go to college, have an my dr-eams 
come true, to live a long, nappy, nesit^y 'e 
with someone ■ love, and to always be with my 
dose friends. 

Activities: Colorguard 2. Mountain combing. 
Powderpuff football. 

Jae B. Park 

Ambition: To fall off a ceiling and land on my 


Activities: Soccer, Football 

Heidi E. Parker 

Ambition: To always be able to help people and 
to make them laugh. 

Activities: Yearbook Staff Co-Editor, Senior 
Class Play. 

John Parsons 

Ambition: To graduate, work m the computer 
field, to live long and party hard. 

Stacey L. Parsons 

Ambition: To remember' an the good times ! Ve 
had with my friends and have a happy and suc- 
cessful life. 


Lori Ann Passerello 
The Dizzy Blonde 

Ambition: To stay Che way I am today until the 

day I die: a continuous flirt! 

Activities: Drama Club 4, Track 1 , Chorus 2. 

Ranger Review 2, Family Services. Dance Co. 

Show 1 , Senior Class Play — Monica, Bye. Bye 


Dana Pelletier 

Ambition: To became rich 
Activities: Ski Team. 

Kevin Pelletier 

Ambition: To stay one step ahead of the rest. 
Activities: Football. 

Robin Perillo 

Ambition: To be a special agent with the F. B. I. 

and to be successful m everything I set out to 


Activities: Detention. Drama, 

P % 




'^irrui *i 

Kimberley A. Perocchi 

Ambition: To be successful in college, to ne^er 

lose touch with my friends, and to always be 


Activities; Basketball. Fieidhockey. Tennis, 

Powderpuff Football. 

Robert Petzold 

Ambition: To be ver-y wealthy 

David P. Picanllo 

Ambition To boldly 90 where no man has gone 
before, no. but seriously, tobetnefinatman to 
honeyrnoon in space 

Activities; Soccer 3. Gymnastics S. Senior- 
Cess President. Being nice to mom end dad. 
Senior Class Play. 

David Pitochelli 

Ambition: To have looda of money end eit 
around and do nothing. 



Angela M. Plantamuna 

Ambition: To achieve all my goals and have fun 
doing it! 

Activities; Cross-country A, Winter Track 3, 
Spring Track 1 . 

David A. Poole 

Ryan C. Pothier 
Ambition: To live life easily ana always have 
enough friends to be happy. Also, never tc 
forget to tell Use how she looks 
Activities: International Club. Drama Club. 
Arrangers. ChoruB, Bye. Bye Birdie. 

Cheryl A. Poulin 
Ambition; To live one oay at e time ana never 
forget yesterday. 

AcCvities: Track 4. Swimming 3, WffUCerTrBCfc 

Elaine Provencher 

Tammy Qualters 
Ambition: To live life to the fullest in all my 
todays, to keep ell the close friends that I have 
made in all my yesterdays, end to achieve all 
the goals I've set for the tomorrows to come. 
Also to never forget that Friday with Theresa, 
Marisa and Lisa. 

Activities: Cheerleadmg A Captain, Dance 
Company A, National Honor Society. Spring 
Track 1 . International Club. 

Ambition; To get a good paying job out m Cali- 
fornia, to have a lot o'f good times in the future 
with my friends. 

Activities: Soccer. Baseball, International 


Anthony N. Ramy 
Tony, T 

Ambition: To boldly go where no man has gone 
before! No, but seriously, to be rich and happy 
and to travel deep into the universe and gain 
the fundamental knowledge of the cosmos. 
Activities: Soccer 4. Baseball A. Basketball 2. 
Senior Class Vice-President. Being nice to 
mom and dad. 

Nancy Rapaglia 

Ambition: To be a veterinarian and to i 
away from Methuen forever. 
Activities: Tennis. Mountain climbing, H 
back riding. 

Leanora M. Rapazzo 
Lee, Baby Lee 

Ambition: To become an electrologist or a hair 
dresser. Also, to keep in touch with my closest 
friends and to never be forgotten. 
Activities: Weekends, Spending money. 

Sonia Reidl 

Ambition: To have a great life, move to a big 
city and travel around the world. 
Activities: Marching Band, Concert Band, Ju- 
nior Achievement, Powderpuff Football. 

m /, 








^us ^ 





' *— 

Donna Reynolds 

Ambition. To become an P.N. and to travel 
around the world- 

Activities; Mountain climbing. Tenms. Horse- 
back riding. 

Karen A. Ricci 
Amb'tton: To live a 'ong happy life end be suc- 
cessful m whatever i do. 

David Richardson 

AmbiDon; To be a very good programmer i 

the computer fie'd 

Activities: Basketball. Work. Goi' Team. 

Pamela K. Richter 

Ambition: To live in the Tropics. 
Activities Concerts, WeekendB. 


Sherri M. Riviezzo 
Ambition: To have a successful life. 
Activities: Softball A, Volleyball 3, Basketball 
2. Skiing 1 , Powderpuff Football, 

Michelle Roberge 

Ambition: To live a happy successful life and to 
marry some fox! Also, to always stay with my 
close friends. 

Robert Robillard 

Ambition: To meet people, beadventurousend 

hve it up 

Activities: Travel. Hockey. Outdoors. 

Lmda S. Rose 

Ambition: To accomplish en myflrea^s and - e 
life to the fullest. 

Brett R. Ruhmann 

the wealthiest man ever 

Ambition: To become 
and |ust relax. 
Activities; Hockey 3. 

John S. Saba 

Ambition: To boldly go where no man has gone 
before! No. but seriously, to conquer the uni- 
verse as captem of the United Starship Enter- 
prise, then to go to the Genesis, to see if Mr. 
Spock is really dead. 

Activities: Football A Co-Captam. Wrestling «4 
Co-Captain, Track 3. Baseball 1 . Senior Class 
Play — Ernie. 

Mansa Sacchiero 

Ambition: To grasp the opportunity of .making 
today's dreams tomorrow's future and also to 
never forget that Friday with Tarn, Tre and Lis. 
Activities: Gymnastics. Soccer 2. Class Presi- 
dent 2. Spanish Honor Society. International 
Club. Student Senate. Dance Co. 3 V.P. and 
Treasurer. Student Advisory Council. J. A. 

Richard Alan Salois 


Christine M. Salvo 

Ambition: To be successful in whatever I de- 
cide to do with my life and at any cost to main- 
tain happiness. 

Activities: Fieldhockey A Captain. Basketball A 
Captain, Softball A. Yearbook Staff, Powder- 
puff Football. 

Filomena C, Sampaio 

Ambition; To live life to the fullest and succeed 
in my careen. 

Christine Samra 
To travel and live my life to the ful- 

Elame M. Sanford 

Ambition: To be a successful Commercial 

Artist, as long as I am happy with my success. 

and never to become greedy, but to love the 

simple things in life. 

Activities; My job. Working out, Art. Having 


^ % 







Frederick John Sanguedolce, Jr. 

Ambition To be successful 

Activities. Soccer (*a). Gymnastics (A) — Co- 
Captam, Baseball (A}, National Honor Society 
— Treasurer, Soanish Honor Society — Pres-- 
dent, international Club. Student Senate. 
Class Secretary O). 

Mane Sanguedolce 

Debbie Santomessino 
Ambition To do what i want to do end bo whot i 
wont to be. 
Activities Gymnastics f2) 

Shernl Sapienze 


Ambitton; To be successful in my career ee en 

•e uecretery. to e f i 
friervds. end be hoooy 'or tne rest o' my iif« 

-OS8 Country ft), Pqw • 

Football, Beech. Parties ■ 


Valerie Ann Sarkis 
The Bag Lady, Val, Crow 

Ambition: To someday be a translator at the 

U.N. and to bring my Kealey's bag wherever I 


Activities: Powderpuff Hockey. International 

Club, Spanish Honor Society. 

Beth Anne Schmottlach 


Ambition: To learn and experience as mucn as 

possible through my friends, college, family 

and career. 

Activities: Fieldhockey (1 ), International Club, 
National Honor Society. Yearbook Staff. Girl's 
State, Powderpuff Football. 

Robert T. Schruender 
Ambicion: To attend college and become suc- 
cessful in che Computer fietd. Also, to t^e^er 
forget the good times enp my good friendS- 
Act'-vities: Basketoan (2). Baseball. Band 1 1 ), 

Michael J. Scuderi 

Amb e en. Tc make esc^i day Detter tnar tne 
fast one ana to be nothing ess man great 
Activities: Football CD. Wrescimg, Sluing 

Hye Yong Shin 

Kelly A. Siggens 

Ambition: To live life to the fullest, accomplish 
my goals, travel all over the world, and always 
be happy with M.D. 

Activities: National Honor Society, Dance Co. 
— President. International Club, Spanish Hon- 
or Society. Class Treasurer (3), Cheerleadmg 
CU M.D. 

Christine E. Silva 

Ambition: To goto college and be successful in 
whatever I do. to never lose touch with my 
friends, and to always be happy. 
Activities: Cheerleadmg (1 ). Track CD, Dance 
Co. . International Club. 

Lana Silva 

Ambition: To become a successful na:r-ores- 
ser and to remember all tne gooa Dmes : nad 
with my friends at IV! H. S. . ms'de anc outS'Oe 
Activities: Havmg a great time, Dancing. 


Timothy Sipsey 

Ambition: To become b musician. 

Activities: Marching, Concert. Jazz Band. 

National Honor Society, Bye, Bye Birdie. 

David J. Skeirik 


Ambition: To start my own construction com- 

Activities: Hunting. Racing, Working with cars 
and trucks. 

Robert S. Smith 

Chong Chea So 

W % 

r y 












<=r ^ihit] 


Sylvia A. Soberon 

Ambition: To live happily and to get everything I 

want out of life. 

Activities: Tenms. Trave^ng m Europe 

Phyllis Solomon 
Ambition: To someday be o success' ut cosme- 
tologist and to never f o<-get my oast end to live 

for my future. 

Activities Pa<"tyi n 9 with my friends. 

Christine Soucy 


Arnp.t-on To accorrtplisr. ever /thing I aet Out 

for in life, to pursue my d'-eemQ. end to live a 

MijS'C. Computers. Fri©ndS 

Darren M. SpadB 

Arnbit<on: To be rich end successful so et the 
early age of forty » can retire a^d drive around 
m my DeLorean picking up girts, 

*?a Foottoeii (1). Besebe" (4), Hockey 
W), Nat'ona' Honor Sooet/ 


Joseph Spada 

Karen L. Spinney 
Ambition; To become a computer prog- 

Sharon Lee Spinney 

Ambidon; To become a computer prog- 
Activities; Swim Team. 

Janine A. Spirdione 

AmbiDon; To live a long ana nappy life with 

William St. Louis 

Ambition; To be rich. 
Activities: Computer Club. 

Michelle St. Dnge 
Ambition: To have a great life, and to always be 
happy. Also, to become a successful physical 
therapist and drive a brand new Cadillac. 
Activities: Music. Swim Team [1 J. Drama Club. 

Andy Stachura 

Ambition: To be a professional musician and 
recording technician. 

Activities; Mechanical engineering. Drafting. 
Bass guitar. 

Kathleen Stacy 

Ambition: To become an M_ O- ana open i_p e 
french fry stand next to Gary's hotdog stand m 
Fairbanks. Alaska 

Activit-es; National Honor Society, Skr Team, 
Spanish Honor Society, international Cub, 
Yearbook Staff. 



Patricia Anne Tardiff 

Ambition: To live life to the fullest. 
Activities: Fieldhockey (3) — Captain. Winter 
Track [1), Spring Track C13, Basketball CD, 
Foreign Language Club. Yearbook Staff. Pow- 
derpuff Football. 

Barry M.D. Tardugno 

Ambition: To go on to college and be success- 
ful in whatever I do. 

Activities: Football. Outdoor Track, Indoor 

Kenneth Taylor, Jr. 

Ambition; To become the chairman of the 

board at Wang or to program the ultimate 


Activities: Computer Club C2). 

Jeffrey Thoma 

on /, 

; ^ d y t 

rAA- . 

Kris Topham 

Arnb'tiOn: To open my own gallery and pursue 

en art. career 

Activities: Ski Teem (3). Yearbook Staff 

Darlene Torosian 

Sandra E. Tornsi Carolyn Toto 

Sandy Dizzy 

Ambition; To have a career m the Medico* f.eid. Ambition- To have o happy successful life i 

whatever I do. 


Dina Traficante 

Ambition: To merry a rich guy and live in a 
palace on an exotic island, on to become a com- 
puter programmer. 

Activities: Computer Club — President, Col- 
orguard, Senate. 

Sheila M. Tnavers 

BetCy Loo 

Ambition: To be happy and successful, to live a 

long healthy life, and to marry the guy I love. 

Activities: Colorguard. Chorus 

Gma Mane Trovaco 
Ambition: To succeed in my future goals 

James A. Tnovato 

■ on: To be success'^, r m , *_t_'e gae = 
in science 

Activities Gy-^i-ascics (3). intemattone C _l 
Rifle Club (3). Socce^ (13. 

Scott A. Truesdale 

Ambition: To avoid the three rings: engage- 
ment ring, wedding ring, suffering. 
Activities: Ranger Report, Worrying about my 
English grades. 


Debra Vaiksnovas 
Debbie. Goober 

Ambition: To be successful in life and be happy 

with the one I love. 

Activities: Roller skating, swimming. 

Ambition: To make Today's dreams tomor- 
row's future, co have courage to change the 
Chmgs I can. to be able to accept the things I 
cannot change, and the wisdom co know the 

Activities: Winter Track (3), Spring Track (3). 
Soccer (3). Dance Co. t<3), Sophomore Oess 

Ambioon: To always loo* on the bright side of 
life, to never forget my friends and how to live it 
upt To be very, very rich and very, very haopy. 
To travel to every edge of the earth and to 
Starr a band with Rita and make that dream 
come true. 

Activities: Soccer (2). Treck tS). Student 
Council, Concerts. Academic internship. 

Patricia Ann Ventrillo 

Ambition: To get whatever I can in life, to get a 
good job, raise a family, and make my family 
proud of me. 
Activities: Dancing. Volleyball. 

Alfred John Valladanes 

Andre R. Vermette 
Ambition: To be the best at whatever I choose 
to do and to become famous. 
Activities: Computers (23, Gymnastics («3). 
Cross Country [1], Spring Track (23. 

Kathleen Vieweg 



















Lisa Vieweg 


Ambition: To be filthy neb and party 't up for 
the rest of my hfe. 

Lisa Vittonoso 

Ambition: To be successful m tf-<e future and to 
live a happy nfe witf-> Mike 
Activities: Dance Club. Mike 

Ramzi I. Wakim 

Marjorie Waks 
AmbiDon; To forget my past mistakes end nev- 
er, nev&r repeat them AIbo. to be with John 

Activities Tennis (*a). National Honor Society. 
Spanish Honor Socev/ty, International Club 


Stephen James Walsh 

Ambition: To boldly go where no man has gone 
before; no, but seriously, to try my best in 
whatever I do and hopefully succeed. 
Activities: Football {41 — Co-Captain, Winter 
Track (31, Spring Track 14). Boys State, 
Weightlifting, Friends. Senior Class Play — 
Mr. Santoro, 

John W. Waldie 

Paul Anthony Ward 
Ambition: To be a huge success or at least 
enjoy myself. 

Erik White 

Ambition: To become an engineer or to go >nto 
real estate. 

Activities- Drama OuO. Student Senate, Se- 
nior Class Play — Frank. 

Monique White Karen J. Whiteside Michael J. Whittaker 

IVIo Ambition: To make my dreams become reality. IVIlke, Whltt 

: To be rich and travel around the £ CC ' V !_ C,e /! : F^^^® 3 ^^*:?^!^ TrBck M) - Ambition; To live life to .ts fullest extent-and 

succeed in whatever I do. 

Activities: Football (.4). Wrestling — Co- 


Beach days. Powderpuff Football. 

Paula A. Wlasits 
Ambition: To stay happy and take whatever life 

brings with a smile. 


Jeff Wonmald 

Ambition: To become a mechanic when I get 
out of school end slowly build up my money to 
someday become a millionaire. 

Cindy Wright 
Slave, Rush 

the green stuff and to 

Dorothy Wright 

To enjoy my life to the fullest. 

Ambition: To be rollm 
pass my senior year. 
Activities: Spanish Honor Society. 

Danny J. Wnobel 


Ambition: To hit the lottery. 
Activities: Contact Sports. 


Heidi A. Wunderhch 


Ambition: To succeed m life, to always have a 
friend close by and a smile on my face. 
Activities: Cheerieedmg (<a) — Tn Captam. 

Chong-Hun Yin 

Mark Zappala 

Ambition: To accomplish everything that I m. 
tend to attempt, and to attempt onty what I 
went accomplished 

Activities: Senate. Yearbook Staff. Naoonai 
Honor Society. Baaeba" 2. Basketball. Stu- 
dent Advisory Council 

Joanne E. Zaremba 


Ambition: To always make the beat out of 

whatever life has to offer me and to keep all of 

i-nde that i have made 
Activities Track (1), Volleyball (2), National 
Honor Society. Spanish Honor Society, inter- 
national Cub. Yearbook Staff 


Stacey Motta 

ZizeCCe Sfeir 





Straight From the Heart 

Bryan Adams 

"Most teachers go to great lengths to make the 
atmosphere miserable! " 

"The good part about Methuen High School is that it 
provides you with a better education than most other 
schools. " 

"I didn't like the open classroom concept because 
when you were taking a test you could hear other 
classes doing their work. " 

"I know I will miss everyone and the times I had these 
four years. " 

"I will always look back and say I should have done this 
or I should have done that, but most of all, I will re- 
member my classmates and favorite teachers! " 
"I feel that most of the pictures in the yearbook are 
the people who take part in the activities in school. 
That's not fair. Some people don't like to take part, 
and we have as much right to be in the yearbook as 
they do. " 

"I only come here to see my friends and that's about 
"Establish a smoking area: 

So that there will be no smoke in the bathrooms; 

So that the bathrooms will not be so crowded; 

So that the bathrooms will not be locked; 

So that there will be doors on the stalls; 

So that the smokers can smoke and I can go to the 
bathroom! " 

"Overall, I feel this school was an efficient learning 
institution for those who wprked so diligently and 
expected to gain knowledge for the future that awaits 
them. " 

"I'm tired of people putting the school down. Sure it 
might have some problems like not having real win- 
dows, but we have had four fun-filled years here. Let's 
remember the good points and great-times we had! " 
"In spite of a few nameless individuals and a few ridicu- 
lous rules, Methuen High is still one of the best high 
schools! " 

"As much as the students complained about the 
teachers, I think for the most part they are well quali- 
fied and care about the students' welfare. " 
"If the students would just think of all that they have 
experienced and learned these four years, they 
wouldn't have anything to complain about." 

I M I 






Barbara Streisand 

Memories of days gone by . . . 
your laughter, your music and 
guitar, your quiet ways will 
always be alive for your 
friends you left behind. 
It seems as though it was only 
yesterday when we shared some good 
times together, but now he's gone, 
after only living a short life, unfulfilled of 
many dreams and goals. 

Even though Marc Somma is gone, 
his memory will live forever. 

"A Friend Forever" 

Taken Away So Young 

Christopher Cross 

We'll always remember the determination 

and dedication of this young lady. Her 

knowledge and experience in swimming was 

phenomenal and influenced the entire team. 

Her attitude was always positive right from 

the very beginning and never once did she 

lose hope. Our team was going to be the 

best, she had this in her head and this is 

what we were going to do. No one 

questioned anything she did, she was 

"perfect" to everyone on the team. The 

only question that puzzles us can be 

summed up in Christopher Cross's song 

Laura — Why was she "Taken away so 

young, taken away without warning?" She 

had so much to give, so much love and help 

to offer and even with what happened, she 

will still influence many of us to strive for 

the top and not give up until we get there. 

Our coach, Jane Cronin, will always be 

remembered by all. 






Pink Floyd 

Throughout 1 984, the various clubs and 
organizations held fundraisers in order to 
boost their activities. Flower sales were held 
several times as well as the usual jewelry and 
M & M sales. A Valentine's Dance was held in 
February by the National Honor Society, and 
they also sponsored a spaghetti supper in 

This was also the first year for some new 
fundraising events. The Yearbook Staff 
sponsored a Thanksgiving Day Football game 
tee shirt sale to help promote its 
championship game with Dracut. They then 
held the First Annual Hot Legs contest 
unveiling Matt Machera as the winner at an 
enjoyable event for everyone else. 

1 984 presented us with the first full school 
fundraiser. All four classes of Methuen High 
participated in a candy sale which supplied 
profits to each class. This full school event 
was termed a success and will be continued in 
the future. All things considered, this was a 
wonderful year for fundraising and an 
aggravating year for some. 


Hollywood Nites 

Bob Seger 


This year's play, Rehearsal for Murder, was 

different from any previous plays put on by a 
senior class. Not only did it hold you in 
suspense wondering who the guilty person 
was, but it also let you relax as each 
character added his own personal touch for 
comic purposes. 

Many thanks and credits should be given to 
all who helped, beginning with the one and only 
Ma Hovansian. The play needed the 
assistance of make-up, lights, curtains, and 
scenery for the timing to be right. All had to 
work together so everything would run 

So, for three nights we were able to taste 
stardom and feel the excitement of live 
acting. The combination of excitement and 
anxiety seemed worth everyone's effort when 
the cast received a standing ovation on two 
of the three nights. 


Thank-you For Being A Friend 

Seeing the yearbook almost completed we 

thought we would dedicate this page to Mrs. 

Krusell because of her dedication and hard 

work. Even though the year was filled with 

some screams and complaints about meeting 

deadlines, doing layouts, getting pictures 

taken, and writing articles, we know now that 

without that extra push the yearbook would 

not have been an over-all success. All of us 

wish to thank-you for your help. 

1 9B4 Yearbook Staff 

Hot Legs 

Rod Stewart 

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 

Bing Crosby 

St. Patrick's day was celebrated on Friday, 

March 1 6th, this year at Methuen High. 

Shamrocks and shillelaghs abounded and 

some students even claimed to have seen 

leprechauns. Many people sported, "Kiss me, 

I'm Irish" buttons while the sophomore class 

sold green carnations in honor of the day. In 

closing, the only way to fully describe St. 

Patrick's Day 1 9B4 at Methuen High, is to 

say that many Irish Cand some not so Irish] 

eyes were smiling. 


• ;i/ i 

.■vh * ;,-- . ,~ 


—■■ *>■)«■■,■, ,,-wp '^,_ 


\>2 ^ 


. » iTKut* 







It's The Real Thing 

Theme from Coca-cola 
While looking through a magazine, we came across a poem called "Real Seniors." Not only does it apply to 
some seniors, it has become their whole outlook on school life. See if you have what it takes to be a "Real 


Real Seniors get out of bed 1 O minutes before school 

Real Seniors don't know the definition of the word 

Real Seniors sleep through English. 
Real Seniors don't mind when they get A's. 
Real Seniors are taller than Freshman. 
Real Seniors don't eat school lunch. 
Real Seniors don't hear morning announcements. 
Real Seniors don't diet. 
Real Senior guys date Senior girls. 
Real Seniors don't know when their midterms are. 
Real Seniors don't know when ANY tests are. 
Real Seniors are not in the top 1 0°/o of their class. 
Real Seniors don't listen to Rick Springfield. 
Real Seniors are often found in the nurse's office. 
Real Seniors refer to teachers by their first names. 
Real Seniors are mysteriously absent on test days. 
Real Seniors don't take a language. 
Real Seniors know by March exactly how many school days 

are left. 
Real Seniors think they're already in college. 
Real Seniors have a drawer full of Cliff Notes. 
Real Seniors don't bother arguing about their grades 

Real Seniors don't study for finals. 
Real Seniors worry more about the Graduation Party than 

Real Seniors have dogs that often eat their homework. 
Real Seniors know the way to the beach by the end of 

Real Seniors don't start their term paper till the night 

before they're due. 
Real Seniors had Senioritis in September. 

Real Seniors don't wear pink and green. 

Real Seniors do not get caught cheating. 

Real Seniors know exactly what happened over the 

weekend by B:OD A.M. Monday. 
Real Seniors don't think before they act. 
Real Seniors are too cool for their boring town. 
In fact — Real Seniors just don't care anymore!! 



"CetchirV a few Z's" 


Dolly Pardon 


Distributive Education and Business Coop. 

give the students the classroom-training that 

they need for their future jobs. Distributive Ed. 

students are able to work in the school store 

while Business Coop, students are able to 

work in an office or any other business 

related field. This experience prepares them 

for the real "9-5" world. 



Every Picture Tells A Story 

Rod Stewart 

Mr. William Russell, the chairperson of the Science 
Department, heads a potentially great team of 
teachers in educating the students of Methuen High 
School in the basics of science. The subjects offered 
in the curriculum are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, 
Ecology, Anatomy and Physiology, Earth and Space 
Science, Earth Science, and Minco Science. There are 
3 levels offered in most of these areas: basic, college 
prep, and honors. 

Approximately 35°/d of the students leave the school 
to go into science oriented college programs, while the 
remaining go on to technical and junior colleges. 

The Methuen High School Art Department is 
located in the central part of the building and is easily 
accessible even though after <4 years, some of our 
graduating seniors still don't know where it is and have 
never been inside it. 

The art department offers a variety of classes for a 
wide range of students of different abilities. These are 
Ceramics, Drawing, Painting & Printmaking, Visual 
Arts and Photography, and Crafts. 

These classes are taught by Barbara Fiorello, 
department head, Mary Lee Moynihan, and Susan 

The Jackson Five 

The academics in our school range from a 

wide variety of Foreign Language courses 

to many different history courses, as well 

as varied areas in the English and the 

Math department. Some of the courses in 

these departments range from Spanish to 

French, Algebra to Calculus, Government 

and Politics to Europe in the 20th 

Century, and Comedy and Humor to 

British Literature for seniors. These 

courses are all offered on a variety of 

levels. Honors, College, and Basic. Our 

school has one of the best and most 

varied academic programs around, and 

this is proven by the wide range of 

colleges and universities our students are 

accepted to. 


Spice of Life 

Manhattan Transfer 

Home Economics and Industrial 
Art courses are offered to both 
boys and girls on an elective basis 
to meet the needs of all students. 
These courses are designed to 
develop the creativity of the average 
student and prepare him for his 
future career. The various courses 
are arranged in order of difficulty to 
give the students an opportunity to 
progress at their own speed. Boys 
and girls in these courses are able 
to experience true to life situations 
and are offered the best possible 
chance to succeed in life. 



Leather and Lace 

Sfcevie Nicks 

The new trends of the eighties have been reflected in 

our high school. Although many boys stuck with the 

traditional outfit of jeans, wonkboots, and t-shirts 

and most of the girls chose to wear the usual 

designer jeans and pumps, there has been a change 

in some of the students' attire. Bold new colors and 

styles have been making their appearance at 

Methuen High School. A variety of clothes such as 

leather pants, mini-skirts, and "Flashdance" inspired 

actionwear have been featured for girls. For the 

boys, punk hair, muscle t-shirts, skinny ties, and 

camouflage pants have been the latest craze. 

Fashion has become more individualized and as long 

as you're comfortable in whatever you wear, you'll be 

in style. 

Let's Get Physical 

Olivia Newton-John 


King of Pain 

The Police 

^ — i^ ^^^m r/sstf * 


- ?H 







The Rangers 
finished the season 
with a 8-2 record. 
With the leadership of 
their quad-captains 
John Saba, John 
Kelleher, Barry 
Tardugno, and Steve 
Walsh, Methuen had 
an impressive 
season. An intense 
performance was put 
on by seniors Dan 
McCarthy, Kevin 
Pelletien, Bob Smith, 
Mike Jordan, Rob 
Marggraf, Mike 
Fowler, Mike 
Whittaker, and Tony 



H *V 

— -wij* 

Jump To It 

Aretha Franklin 


squad, led by 
Theresa Bolduc. 
QualterB. and 

puc on an 
Wich che help of 
cheerleader Tim 
Frechette, the 
would get the 
crowd to rally 
behind the 


Play the Game 


To measure the success of the 1 983 

Field Hockey Team by its win/loss record 

would be a great disservice to the team 

members. It was a rebuilding year in all 

senses and interest was rekindled in the 

sport as seen by the large turn out of 

Freshmen and the improvement of skills 

at both the JV and Varsity levels. 

League All-Star honors were awarded to 

Bev Brien, Chris Salvo, and Dawn Salvo. 

Chris' outstanding ability was further 

recognized by being named to both the 

Merrimack Valley All-Conference Team 

and the Eagle Tribune All-Star Team. 

The future of Field Hockey is looking 

brighter and I believe the Methuen girls wjll 

soon be the team to beat. 

Let's Get It Up 


The 1 983 Volleyball Team compiled 
a record of 9-9. Despite this 
somewhat disappointing total, there 
were a number of close, hard fought 
losses including two against last 
year's champion Billerica, both of 
which went three games and went 
down to the wire. In addition, two 
losses to the 1 9B3 conference 
champion Dracut team were also 
extremely close. 

The Merrimack Valley Conference 
coaches recognized the excellent 
performances of three of our 
outstanding players with the 
selection of Julie Leonard as a first 
team All-Star, Laurel Perusse's 
selection to second team All-Star, 
and Sherri Riviezzo's achievement of 
Honorable Mention. With a fine 
nucleus of underclassmen returning 
next year, we look forward to 
additional success in the fall. 

The Long Run 

The Eagles 


The Boys X-Countny team had 

an impressive season. Led by 

the superior coaching of Mr. 

Robert Fuller and the 

inspiration of their captain 

Chris Cameron, the Rangers 

were a force to be reckoned 

with. Outstanding 

performances were given by 

seniors Paul Hickey and Bob 



Quiet Riot 

The Girls X-Countny 
team was very successful 
against traditional foes 
such as Andover and 
Lawrence. The girls gave 
every team a run for their 
money which was shown 
by tri-captains: Lisa 
Bilodeau, Sandy Palumbo, 
and Angela Plantamura. 





The 1 983-S4 Soccer Team posted a 

record of 1 5-3-3, which earned them 

second place in the tough Merrimack 

Valley Conference. The Rangers were the 

first team in Methuen's history to win a 

game in the Massachusetts State 

Tournament, defeating North Andover 2- 1 . 

This year's team was led by MVC All 

Conference Selection, Glenn Morrisette, 

and All-Stars Mike DiPalermo, Fred 

Sanguedolce, Chip Bradbury, Tony Ramy, 

and Dave Picarillo. Other seniors included 

Dana Atkinson, Joe McGurn, Jeff Thoma, 

Marissa Sacchiero and Paul McPeak. 











■* s 

Every Breath You Take 

The Police 

The girls' swim team had a successful 

season this year finishing with a 5-A record. 

The 400 free relay team of D. Fyrer, S. 

Hosterman, K. Kuzmitski, and K. Nightingale 

broke the school record, setting a new one at 

4:D4.B1 , and also placed seventh in the 

Sectional Meet in this event. The two senior 

co-captains, Diane Fyrer and Kara 

Nightingale, handed down the honors to 

juniors Kim Kuzmitski and Stephanie 


Three swimmers, Diane Fyrer, Kara 

Nightingale, and Stephanie Hosterman were 

recognized as outstanding performers and 

named as All-Donference All-Stars. The whole 

team swam well this year, and the girls show 

great potential for the future. 


Slip-Slidin' Away 

Paul Simon 

New England weather, as 
unpredictable as it is, stood in the 
way of the small Methuen High Ski 
team. Unable to practice much on 
the patchy snow, and with only a 
seven meet season, Methuen did 
not perform their best. It was a 
tough year, but the general remarks 
were to stick it out and make the 
best of it. They were led by Coach 
Marion Gerardi and Captains Rob 
Brown and Kris Topham. 



I'll Tumble 4-Ya 

Culture Club 

The 1 9S4 Girls Gymnastics Team, 

coached by Lynn Habeeb, posted a record 

of 3-5. Led by Captains Mania Dietz, 

Lauren Pothier, and Darlene Laplante, the 

Rangenettes performed extremely well, 

although their record doesn't show it. 

A very inexperienced and young team; 

the girls are looking forward to upcoming 

C. B. 

Flying High Again 

Ozzy Dsbourne 

Despite a 3-7" season the 
young Boys Gymnastics team 
showed very strong 
performances. They were led by 
captains Andy Vermette and 
Fred Sanguedolce. Other 
impressive showings were given 
by the other two seniors Tim 
Frechette ana Mike DiPalermo. 

Lay It Down 


The wrestling team recorded its finest 

season in school history this yean. An 

undefeated dual meet season [14-01 

and team championships in The Salem 

Christmas Classic and the Methuen 

Invitational set the stage for a MVC 

championship, a second in the 

sectionals and a 5th place finish in the 


All twelve varsity wrestlers had 

winning records with seniors Dave 

Kraunelis, Dan McCarthy, junior Mark 

Jozokos, and sophomore Robert 

Georato placing in the state 

tournament. In addition, seniors Dave 

Broadhurst, Captain John Saba, Mike 

Whittaker, juniors Eric Boes, Doug 

Boes, Mike Colizzi and sophomore 

Paul Bourassa all placed in the Division 

I North Sectionals. Junior Tim Waites 

placed fourth in the Merrimack Valley 

Conference Tournament. 

Fire and Ice 

Pat Benetar 


Ken Palm's 1 984 Methuen Ranger 

Ice Hockey Team finished with a 

record of 8-9-1 . The team played 

well, losing many games by only one 

goal. The team was led by 

Co-Captains Mike Henry and Darren 


Six players were selected for the 

MVC Small School All-Stars. These 

players were Bob Robillard, Mike 

Henry, Chip Bradbury, Darren 

Spada, Jake Aleksa, and Brett 

Ruhmann. Seniors Dana Atkinson 

and Mike McCormack also played well 

for the Rangers. 



One on One 

Hall and dates 

Bucky Tardiff's 1 984 
Methuen Ranger Boys 
Basketball Team finished with a 
record of 1 1 -9. This year's 
team was led by Tri-Captains 
Frank Cavallaro, John Kelleher, 
and Mike Castiglione. 
Outstanding performances 
were also contributed by Bob 
Szostak, Roger Hardy, and 
Matt Jozokos. 

This year, only two players 
were selected for the MVC 
All-Star Team. Mike Castiglione 
and Roger Hardy were chosen. 
Frank Cavallaro received 
enough votes for Honorable 
Mention. C.B. 


Van Halen 

This yean held many pleasant 

surprises for the Girl's Varsity 

Basketball team. Dominating 

the MVC and ending the 

regular season with a 1 5-3 

record, the girls qualified for 

the State Tournament. Led by 

coach Mimi Hyde-Stott and 

co-captains Chris Salvo and 

Teresa Padvaiskas, the 

combined effort of 1 4 

dedicated girls brought MHS a 

very exciting year. The 

basketball future in Methuen 

looks very promising with many 

returning varsity players. Good 


1 14 


Ain't Nothing Gonna 

Many athletes would be proud of the individual 

records of Methuen High's young track team, but 

as a whole, the team could not seem to pull their 

efforts together. It was hand to lose so many 

close meets, but the team took it in stride. They 

continued to work hand, adding as many victories 

as possible, and should be proud of their overall 

record. They were led by coaches Larry Klimas and 

Roger Fuller, and Captains Chris Cameron, Paul 

Hickey, Lisa Bilodeau, and Cheryl Poulin. 


1 16 


Break My Stride 

Matt Wilder 


Love Is A Battlefield 

Pat Benatar 



5 •* 

&» **$ 

The Girls' Tennis Team finished their 

season with a 7-1 1 league record in 

the tough Merrimack Valley 

Conference. Led by a large group of 

juniors, Sylvia Soberon was the only 

senior to play. Good luck, Sylvia, and 

keep that backhand in good form! 



The Beatles 

Me with Your Best Shot 

Pat Benatar 

The 1 3Q4 Girls 

Varsity Softball team 

ended their season with 

a record of 1 3-2. 

capturing the MVC 

Championship and 

qualifying for the state 

finals. The team was 

led by Coach Dan 

Habib and Tri-Captains 

Sherrie Riviezzo, 

Teresa Padvaiskas, 

and Chris Salvo. Other 

contributing seniors 

were Jodi Nicolosi, 

Diane Fyrer, Cathy 

Cullum, Pam Moll and 

Randi Klimas. 



Strike Zone 



The Varsity Baseball team node a "7 
game winning streak, highlighted by a 
perfect game pitched by Rich Salois, 
to finish in second place in the MVC 
small school division and qualify for the 
state tournament. Tony Ramy, the 
team's MVP, and Rich Salois, were 
chosen to the All-Conference Team. 
They were also selected to play in the 
league's All-Star Game along with 
Darren Spada who was the team's 
leading hitter. 


Running With the Night 

Lionel Richie 

The girls' track team was led by 

seniors Cheryl Poulin, Karen Whiteside 

and Julie Leonard. Two of the 

outstanding performers were chosen 

for the Merrimack Valley League 

All-star team. They were Cheryl Poulin 

for the javelin, and Betty lannuccilli for 

the discus. 


Let's Hear It For the BoyCs) 

Deniece Williams 

The boys' track team was led by 
seniors Chris Cameron, Rob 
Marggnaf, Paul Hickey, Bob Brown, 
Barry Tardugno, Steve Walsh, Bob 
Smith, Mike Jordan and Jim 
Arsenault. The team finished second in 
the state relays and Class B state 

eet. Several outstanding 
performances were demonstrated by 
Jeff Baker in the hurdles, Doug Boes 
and Chris Debenedetto in the pole 
vault, Mark Jozokos in the javelin and 
the mile relay team of Baker, Ramirez, 
Jay Tardugno and Kevin Harrington. 

Chris Cameron was selected to run 
in the International Prep meet in 
Chicago. Jeff Baker was the New 
England 1 1 O high hurdles champion. 

The Stroke 

Billy Squire 

The golf team, led by their 

captain Joe Nicolosi, had a fine 

season. On their home turf of 

Crystal Springs Golf Course in 

Haverhill, such golfers as Ken 

Hewson showed their mettle. 


The Reflex 

Duran Duran 

Play the Game 


"Mr. Nick, this place is beginning co look like a zoo." 

"Hanging in there?! " 

"Can you believe this is my most exiting class?' 

Human Touch 

Rick Springfield 

Artists: Tim Frechette, Kris Topham. 

Coordinators: CF) Elizabeth Bistany. Kathy Stacy. Kathy Dig- 
nam. CB) Chris Salvo. Beth Schmottlach. Mark Zappala. Patty 

Yearbook Staff: CF) Kathy Stacy. Diane Fyrer, Beth Schmottlach, Chris Salvo. Patty 
Tardiff, Kathy Dignam, Karen Whiteside, Maura Bresnahan. Ruth Eaton. CB) Yearbook 
Advisor — Mrs. Ann Marie Krusell, Bridgette Leone. Kris Topham, Teresa Padvaiskas, . 
Elizabeth Bistany, John Makus, Glenn Dewhirst. Chip Bradbury, Dan Barry, Mark Zappala. 
Joanne Zaremba, Tim Frechette. 

Editors: Heidi Parker, Dan Barry. 

' I ' I ' l'l ' I'M ' I ' l 'l 't 'l'l'l'l'l'l't 


Yrbk. Advisor: Mrs. Ann Marie Krusell 

Photographer: John Makus 

The 1 98«4 Yearbook Staff was composed of many students, each 
possessing a unique and distinct talent which contributed to the 
[anticipated] overall success of the book. As the book neared com- 
pletion, it became apparent that only the hard work of each staff 
member coupled with the dedication of our advisor, Ann Marie 
Krusell, made the final product possible. The book stands as a 
reminder of the tremendous "team effort" that went into its pro- 
duction as well as a symbol of the good times to come. 

D.B. and H.P. 

1 31 


(standing) — Jean Garand (president), (front) 
(missing) — Kim Slomba. 

Sue Traverse Robin Berger, 

The major project undertaken by the students of the Sopho- 
more class is designing the class ring which is unique and reflects 
the spirit of this particular class. Other activities include the 
Powderpuff Hockey game, a flower sale, and a candy bar sale. 

(back Lto R) — Nor-mond Vermette (vice president). Mrs. VanHom 
(advisor). Eric Boes (secretary) (front l_ to R) — Tim Waites (treasurer), 
Robin Mello (president). 

The Junior class has participated in all school fundrais- 
ers this year. The officers and their advisor are now 
planning for the Junior Semi-Formal to be held April 1 3 at 

(back L to R) — Dorothy Hall (treasurer), Chris Scuderi (president), (front L to 
FN — Paula Gorrie (secretary), Nicole Kuzmitski (vice president). 

In October of the new school year, elections were held by 

the Freshman class to select its new class officers. The 

results of this election sent Christine Scuderi to the 

position of president of the class. The position of vice 

president was won by Nicole Kuzmitski. Paula Gorrie ran 

unopposed for the position of class secretary and Dorothy 

Hall rounded out the class officer opening by being elected 

to the position of treasurer. 

The Senior Class officers are responsible 
for running the social sctivities for the 
Class. This year they nan the Homecoming 
queen contest and dance. They have 
organized and run two Red Cross 
Bloodmobiles, Valentine Day and Cancer 
Society flower sales and have participated 
in the Senior Class Play. It is also the 
responsibility of the Senior Class officers 
to organize the Senior Prom, Class Day 
and most important to run the Class 
Reunions, [standing RtoU — Tony Ramy 
(vice-president], David Piccarillo (president], 
Mr. D. Whiting [advisor], [sitting RtoU — 
Barbara McCarthy [secretary], Kelly 
Siggens (treasurer]. 


to R) — Ta 
:ole. Sheila 

mmy Baker, Kim Dooley. Ellen McGibbon. Joan McCarthy, Tammy Biieol. Amy Schelfhaudt. Donna Reynolds, Susan 
Bue. tfront Ltofl] — Audrey Michaud. Mrs. Hart. 

The students 
in this group 
assist in any 
work involved 
with the 
Office. They 
are instructed 
my Mrs. Hart 
and assist 
during the 
school day. 



The Methuen High 

School Jazz band is 

under the direction of 

Mr. David Isadore. They 

practice on Thursday 

nights. They ranked Bth 

in the Norwood 

competition this year. 

The Jazz Band also 

perform for various 

school and civic 


(LtoR) — Dave Richardson. Paul Cyr. Mike D'Arezzo. Angela Plantamura, Andre Vermette, Matthew Augen, Mr. Austin 


The purpose of this 

team of students is to 

teach computer literacy 

on elementary and high 

school levels. They work 

with students during 

study periods and also 

on their own time. 


tback L to R] — Joel Bonrelli, Rafael Bueno, J. R. Himmer. Mark Hertnch. Matthew Machera. Bruce Whipple. Dai\| 
Kammskl, Mary Ellen Smith. Karen Pelletier. Amy LaLiberty, [front L to R) — Margaret Arcidiacono. Kim Dooley. Brendr. 
Hughes. Cathleen Cullum, Shelly Fone. Jill Black. 

The Arrangers are a 
small, select group of 
singers from the M.H.S. 
Chorus who are featured 
at all performances. They 
meet once a week after 

[back LtoR) — Tracy Zraket, Ryan Pothier, Jody Robichaud, Donna Deschamp. Cf ront L to R] ■ 
O'Connell. Patricia Hallonan, Rosanne Ferro. 

Wendy Davis, Kelly 

The M.H.S. 
Chorus is 
presently a 
group of thirty 
singers who 
signed up for the 
course with the 
permission of 
the instructor. 
They rehearse 
every day during 
school, learning 
music from all 
periods and all 
styles. They 
perform several 
concerts each 
year as well as 
sponsoring the 
Ranger Review 
Variety Show in 
the fall, and the 
musical in the 



The Work Study 

program at M.H.S. was 

developed so that 

interested students can 

experience the working 

world. These students 

are allowed to leave 

school at 1 1 : 3Q to go 

to their particular place 

of business. 


Education is a 




designed to 

prepare young 

men and 

women for 

careens in 

marketing and 





Program at 

M.H.S. is 


primarily as a 


class; that is 

"learning by 

doing" is 

stressed. In 

addition to 




the students 

are assigned 

to operate the 

school store, 

at which time 

they are 

introduced to 


situations of 

setting up and 

managing a 




f t 1 * J * *& I *■ * J 

The Ranger 
Report consists 
of a group of 
highly trained 
students who 
produce and 
direct their own 
television news 
program. They 
work as a team 
to produce a 
news picture of 
what is 
happening at 
Methuen High 
School and the 

(back L to R] — Matthew Dennis, Mr. Hoffman, Dan Love, Dan Hadley, Jeff Kenney. Scott Truesdale. Timothy Smith, John Makus, 
Randy Haggar, (front L to R) — Karen Coco, Dina Tnaficante, Leanne Jacques. Lisa Pageau, Maria Cugno. 


back L 

to R] — Tammy Cody, Dean Lombardo, Beth Thoma, Theresa Ramy, Mounir Ramy. Marie flamy, Mike Puglisi. Laurie 
Roxanne Skillings. (front Ltofl) — Paghida Ramey. Hiba Ramey. Laura Mason. 

As program 
assistants in the 
Media Center at 
M.H.S., these 
students are 
involved with 
assisting both 
teachers and 
students in their 
Students have 
many class 
projects and the 
assistants try to 
help them find 
the information 
needed to 
complete their 



The Methuen 

Chapter of the 

National Honor 

Society has been in 

existence since the 

1 950's when the high 

school was known as 

Tenney High School. 

The object of the 

Methuen Chapter of 

the National Honor 

Society is to create 

an enthusiasm for 

scholarship, to 

stimulate a desire to 

render service, to 

promote worthy 

leadership, and to 

encourage the 

development of 

character in 

students. Admission 

to membership in the 

Honor Society 

requires a high level 

of achievement in the 

areas of scholarship, 

service, leadership, 

and character. 

Members of the 

Methuen Chapter 

must perform many 

services of a school 

and civic nature in 

order to fulfill these 



The major goal of 

this club is to expose 

the Foreign Language 

students to the 

cultural ends of 

studying a language. 

Trips to New York 

and/or Montreal are 

organized by the 

advisors as well as 

pinata making and 


demonstrations. This 

year the club invited a 

group of singers, "La 

Tuna" from the 

Universidad de 

Toledo, to perform at 

the school. 




This National Honor 
Society was founded 
by the American 
Association of 
Teachers of Spanish 
and Portuguese in 
order to recognize 
outstanding academic 
achievement in 
advanced Spanish 


The main goal of 
the French National 
Honor Society is to 
stimulate interest in 
the study of French. 
It also promotes 
higher standards of 
scholarship, rewards 
high scholastic 
attainments, creates 
enthusiasm for an 
understanding of 
French culture and 
civilization, promotes 
and perpetuates 
friendship, and 
rewards efforts 
toward furthering 
solidarity in the 

!back L to R) — Glenn Morrissette, Martin Couture. Gabnelle Oekel. Dan Barry, (front L to R) ■ 

Grace Finocchiaro. Lisa 



The Student 

Congress is the official 

student government of 

Methuen High School. It 

represents the student 

body in matters that 

concern the high school 

community. As the 

liason between students 

and school 

administration, the 

Senate gives advice or 

acts upon suggestions, 

proposals, problems or 

complaints concerning 

the student body. The 

Senate is composed of 

twenty four members, 

six members elected at 

large from each of the 

four classes. 



Cscanding LtoR) — Dawn Kelsey. Michael Nardiff. Suzanne Faucher^j 
[sitting LtoR) — Kris Driscoll. Debbie Faucher. 


The Student Advisory Council is 
made up of 6 students elected by the 
student body, 3 seniors, 1 junior, 1 
sophomore, and 1 freshman. These 
students have to attend at least 5 
meetings of the Methuen School 
Board. At these meetings, the 
students are allowed to present any 
proposals on problems that the 
students have encountered at the high 
school that were not dealt with by the 
high school administration. These 
meetings also allow the students to 
express their opinion of the actions 
that the school committee has taken 
on any issues that affect the high 
school community. 

(standing LtoR] — Kim Oliva, Suzanne Faucher, Marisa Sacchiero, Mark Zappala, (sitting) — Dawn 
Campagna, Jill Parkhurst. 


The M. H.S. Bowling League became a 
reality when a group of students 
approached Ms. Fiorilla to see if she would 
start a bowling team and be its advisor. On 
Wednesdays at Academy Lanes in Haverhill, 
the finest bowlers can be seen rolling 
strikes and spares. Students enjoy being 
on a team, exercising, a banquet, 
and winning trophies. 



This year the 

Methuen High 

Dance Company 

performed their 

6th annual show. 

Some of the many 

forms of dance 

that the company 


were jazz, ballet, 

tap, and lyrical. 

"Thriller", this 

year's show, was a 

complete success 

due to the efforts 

of each dance 

company member. 

All routines were 

choreographed by 

the company itself. 

This year's officers 

were Kelly Siggens 

and Tammy 



Marisa Sacchiero 

[vice president], 

Tammy Paolino 

[treasurer] and 

Jane DeStefano 


The Methuen 

High School 

Figure Skating 

Club is a club 

that is open to 

anyone who 

loves to skate. 

They are 

permitted time 

in the ice rink 

every week in 

the winter. At 

the end of the 

winter season 

they put on an 

ice show. This 

year the show 

featured some 

excellent alumni 





The Academic 
Internship is a release 
time program at M.H.S. 
open to juniors and 
seniors who are 
planning to continue 
their formal education. 
These students receive 
1 credit for their time 
spent in a local 
community agency 
chosen to give them 
some understanding of 
the careers available 
within their field of 
study. Students who 
have already chosen a 
particular career have 
the opportunity of 
exploring that vocation 
before committing 
themselves to long and 
costly academic 

jack LtoR) — Charles Asadoorian, Louis Santosuosso, Mr. L. Salmonsohn, Gary Gearin, Matthew Machera. Wesley 
laigh. [frort Lto R) — Sheila Bue, Elizabeth Bistany. Patricia Maranto, Leanne Jacques, Christine Morrasse, Martha 
lunt, Valerie Sarkis. Heidi Van Meter. 


. to R) — Michael Gallant. Gary Parker. Scott Truesdale. Jeff Gerardi. Todd Croteau. (front LtoRI — Debbie Ash, 
ny Lahberty, Kelly Breen, Kathy Beaulieu. Elizabeth Crabtree. 




The Cooperative 

Business Experience 

course is open to 

business students 

who can handle and 

profit from the 


Students are 

assigned to a 

supervisor within 

the school who will 

provide business-like 

experience and 

duties. These 

students work 5 

periods each week. 


[back Ltofl) — Joan McCarthy, Julie Messina. Cfronc LcoHl — Lucy Boragme. Brenda Feole. Chris Medici. 




Office Work 


course is open 

to students who 

desire to work in 

an office related 

job. These 

students are 

allowed to leave 

school to 


experience in an 

approved place 

of employment. 


Cback LtoR] — Racheal Demers, Chris Medici. Chris Soucy, Brenda Feole, Lucy Boragme. tf ront LtoR) — Joan McCarthy. Li^j 
Michaud, Lori Leach, Chris Decubelhs. 

Who Can It Be Mow? 

Men At Work 



Kings and Qu 

King and Queen 

Kelly Siggens and John 


sm *& 


Frankie Avalon 

Venus and Apollo 

Tony Carelli and Ellen 


Hall and Dates 

Nicest Eyes 

Kathy Stacy and Glenn 


Can't Smile Without You 

Nicest Smile 

John Kelleher and 
Tammy Qualters 

Barry Manilow 

He's So Shy 

The Pointer Siscers 

am i 

Most Shy 



and Ben 


i \ if 


Lionel Richie 

Most Talkative 


Lisa Holland anc 
Ryan Pothier 


Send in The Clowns 

Judy ColNns 

Class Clowns 

Matt Machera and Lisa 

Take it to The Top 

Most Likely To 




and Diane 



Your Cheating Heart 

Flirt and Casanova 

Mike Whittaker and Karen 


Endless Love 

Hank Williams 

Diana Ross and Lionel Ricnie 

Cupid's Couple 

Fran Janowski and Dan 


Crocodile Rock 

Elton John 

Most Preppy 

Suzanne Faucher and 
Mark Zappala 


Best Dressed 

Mike Castiglion 
Mary Ellen Castles 

ZZ Top 


Eddie Cancer 

Brute and Babyface 

Kim George and Andy Houle 





George Benson 

Actor and Actress 

Rob Margraff and Lori 

Be True to Your School 

The Beach Boys 

Most School Spirit 

Dave Picarillo and Heidi 

You've Got A Friend 

Most Friendly 

Valerie Sarkis and Mike 

James Taylor 

00m* ^h tirt& M MU*ikimi»bmmm 


■ " 

Lloyd Price 

Best Personality 

Barbara McCarthy and 
Gary Gearin 

Chris Cameron 
and Chris Salvo 

Colour My World 



Most Artistic 

Elaine Sanford and Tim 

I Write the Songs 

Barry Manilow 

Most Musical 

Tim Sipsey and Kelly 


Mutt and Jeff 

Tom Kelly and Lisa 


I'm Still Standing 

Randy Newman 

Elton John 

Mutt and Jeff 


Sean Cusack and Karen and 
Sharon Spinney 

You're My Best Friend 


Joanne Zaremba and Cindy Bouchard 

Beth Ford and Linda Rose 


Dan Donahue and Dave Hartnett 


Tony Canelli and Manny Marchese 

Favorite Things 

Julie Andrews 


Favorite Hangout — Burger King and 

Favorite Movie — Footloose and Risky 

Favorite Teacher — Mrs. Krusell and Mr. 

Favorite Song — Hello and Against All Odds 
Favorite Food — Chinese and Pizza 
Favorite Group — Van Halen and Journey 



One In A Million 

The Romantics 

Ecumenical Celebration Coordinators 

Coaches Of The Year 


History Award Winner 

Throughout the past year, there 
have been many students, as well as 
certain faculty members, who have 
excelled in their talents, and have 
received many awards for their 
excellence. The Class of '84 would like 
to congratulate these individuals for 
their outstanding performance and 
wish them continued success. 

Superintendent's Award Winners 

It's A Little Too Late 

Pat Benatar 


Of all the daily activities that occur at M.H.S. 

lateness to class seems to be one of the most 

popular. For some it is a way of life. After all, your 

body just starts coming to life at 1 :00. A good 

actor or actress can always manage to escape 

detention by thinking of an original excuse. With 

the help of experienced staff members, a list of 

some of the most original and commonly used 

excuses was comprised. 

I'm sorry I was late, but . . . 

... I didn't hear the bell ring. 

. . . My bus was late. 

. . . My locker was jammed. 

... I was in gym. 

... I was in the office, [guidance, bathroom, nurse] 

... I was talking to a teacher. 

... I thought there was a fire drill and I went 

outside first. 

... I forgot my map. 

... I had to walk a transfer student to class. She 

didn't know the way. 

... I was hungry and stopped at the lunch line. 

... I was getting another excused absence. 

... I was walking my girlfriend/boyfriend to class. 


My Generation 

The Who 


Chariots of Fire 


The Annual National Honor 

Society Induction took place on 

April 26, 1 9B4, in the High 

School Assembly Hall and 

marked the entrance of 

twenty-five new members into 

the society. While guest 

speaker Gerry Molina [from the 

Lawrence Eagle-Tribune) 

entertained the large audience 

with remembrances of his past 

tenure in the society, 

members Margaret 

Arcidiacono, Daniel Barry, 

Paul Izzi, and Kathy Stacy 

spoke on the four tenets of the 

N.H.S. The ceremony was 

conducted by outgoing 

President Glenn Morissette 

and included the transition of 

leadership powers to the 

incoming junior officers. The 

ceremony was well attended 

and should prove to be the 

beginning of another successful 

year for the new members. 


Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson 

The local French and Spanish Honor 
Societies held their inductions in the 
fall. Students who have taken either 
French or Spanish for four years and 
have kept an "A-B + " average are 
eligible. The induction includes a candle 
lighting ceremony during which 
inductees promise to use their 
knowledge of a foreign language as a 
tool to help themselves and others in 
the future. The induction also included 
a speech on the status of foreign 
languages at Methuen High. At a time 
in our country's history when the rest 
of the world is at our doorsteps, it is 
nice to know that some students from 
Methuen High have proven that we will 
be able to communicate with our 


There's No Business Like Show Business 

Ethel Merman 

On November 18, 1 983, several talented 

Methuen High School students took to the 

stage for our second annual variety show. 

Shirley Hovanasian, otherwise known as "Ma", 

directed this "Ranger Revue", while Mike 

Whittaker, Mark Jozokos, and Lisa Bilodeau 

served as M.C.s. 

Throughout the show, performers delighted 

the audience with many singing, dancing, and 

comedy acts. With the help of the production 

crew, the show was a great success and will 

hopefully continue to be successful in the years 

to come. 

164 K - D - 


It was a cold night, but that 
didn't stop anyone from having fun. 
Our Jr. Prom had finally arrived 
and we were more than ready for 
it. We knew that it wouldn't be as 
good as a Senior Prom, but we 
didn't rush to get our licenses for 
nothing. It was now time to dress 
our best and show everyone how 
much class we really did have. The 
night had become a success and 
we will never forget it. 

B L. 


Don't Forget to Dance 

The Kinks 

The 1 9B4 Dance Company Show was held on 

Sunday, May 1 3, and was hosted by the dynamic 

duo, Shae Baddour and Tim Frechette. Senior 

dancers Tammy Qualtens, Lisa Holland, Marissa 

Sacchieno, Karen Balsamo, and Kelly Siggens 

captivated the audience with many talented moves, 

while the underclassmen also appeared to be in 

good form. The show was highlighted by many 

special guests, including Nicole Dibenedetto, 

Methuen Break Dancers, and the local band 

"Jackets Required". This year's show, "Thriller", 

was a great success thanks to the dedication of 

its co-ordinator, Miss Lisa Bell. 

Bye-Bye Birdie 

Lee Adams 

This year Methuen High 
School held its first all-school 
usical: Bye-Bye Birdie. It 

was a tremendous success 
and many talented students 
came into the spotlight. 
Among these were Tim 
Sipsey CConrad Birdie], Kelly 
O'Connell (Kim MacAfee), 
Ryan Pothier (Mr. MacAfee], 
and Lori Passenello (Many 
Peterson], The production 
ran smoothly because of the 
efforts of Mrs. Dorothy May 
and her daughter Gretchen 
May, (Judy MacAfee], who 
starred in the performance. 




The Power of Gold 

Dan Fogelbeng 

The annual Honors Banquet 

took place on Thursday 

evening, May 31 , 1984, and 

recognized the forty-nine 

students who had earned 

the right to graduate with 

honors. After? a 

well-prepared prime rib 

dinner, students, parents, 

and guests received a short 

address from Rev. John 

Deegan, President of 

Merrimack College. The 

evening was highlighted by 

the presentation of gold 

tassles and certificates by 

Mr. Joseph Salvo, Chairman 

of the Methuen School 




Carly Simon 

On Tuesday, May 29, 
students, parents, and 
faculty gathered for the 
annual senior Awards 
Night held in the high 
school assembly hall. 
Many awards, both 
scholastic and athletic, 
were given to deserving 
students. The evening 
marked the end of four 
years of hard work for 
many individuals. 





"It's going to go by fast ... so be prepared." With 
those words we were welcomed here just four short 
years ago. We sat in the same seats looking up at the 
same stage wishing the speaker were almost done. 
Well, don't worry, this won't be too long. 

That time has finally arrived . . . The time when each of 
us must go out into the world and assume some degree 
of responsibility. Some are going to settle down into 
good jobs while others are going to further their educa- 
tion at the college or university of their choice. Whatev- 
er option you take, I'd like to give you some advice. 

I'm sure that some of you are a little nervous or fright- 
ened about taking the so-called plunge into the real 
world. Don't worry, that's only natural. You must be 
confident, for confidence is the key to a successful fu- 
ture. As long as you know you can succeed, you will 
succeed. Take the knowledge you have supposedly ac- 
quired here and put it to use in the real world. Only 
through hard work and determination will you overcome 
the obstacles that everyone faces along the path of life. 
Although, at times, they may seem insurmountable, be 
confident that you have what it takes to become a suc- 

cess. Only you are the master of your own destiny; only 

you will determine your fate. 

As you leave here today, go forth with determination, 

strength, and the courage to face all challenges that 

come your way. I wish you good luck and good health in 

the future. 

Thank you 
Class Day 
1 9B<4: 
Dan Barry 


Class o 








All Night Long 

Lionel Richie 



The night of May 26, 1 9B4 was a 
night to remember. The seniors of 
Methuen High School celebrated the 
biggest event of their last year. 

This event was the senior prom 
which was held at the Sheraton Rolling 
Green in Andover. The apparel for this 
glamorous occasion was formal 
tuxedos and long gowns. 

After eating a roast beef dinner, the 
prom continued with all kinds of 
dancing, including a period of break 
dancing. There will be many memories 
to look back upon — memories that 
we will treasure forever. 

How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye? 

Luther Vandross S. Dionne Warwick 

This year's graduation was 
held inside because of the rain 
that "blessed" us the entire 
week before. Although the 
weather may have been 
dampened, the spirits of some 
380 graduates weren't. As the 
graduates marched into the field 
house, shouts could be heard 
and many bubbles were seen. 
Each young lady had a red rose, 
honor graduates wore gold 
tassles and Honor Society 
members wore gold stoles. 

Beginning the ceremony were 
speeches given by Salutatorian, 
Glenn Morissette, Honor 
Essayist, Gary Gearin, and 
Valedictorian, Diane Fyrer. 

After scholarships were 
awarded, diplomas were given 
out by School Committee 
members Joseph Salvo and 
Jackie Weagle. Shouts and 
appause from fellow graduates 
as well as relatives and friends 
ended this graduation on June 
3, 1 984, a day which will long be 



Best; of Times 


We the class of 1 984 entered M. H. S. in the year of 1 980 anticipating the many challenges lying before us. 
We became easy targets for the upperclassmen as we were seen lugging all our books to every class. We 
realized we were no longer in junior high, as we gazed down the long corridors of a new building. Armed with our 
trusty Methuen High map and compass perched atop our stack of books, we tried to distinguish between the 
North House and the South House. 

Taking on the new challenges our freshman class leaders were President Marissa Sacchiero, vice president 
Tracy McNichols, secretary Heidi Van Meter, and Treasurer Danielle Valoras. 

The freshman Field Hockey team compiled a record of 9 wins and 1 loss. Memorable players carrying the 
team were Maura Bresnahan, Judy Brown, Beth Ford, Barbara McCarthy, Jodi Nicolosi, Karen Ricci, and 
Beth Schmottlach. Also holding up the Methuen winning tradition, ALMOST, was the Boys' Frosh B-ball Team 
with a record of 3 wins and 1 5 losses. Outstanding members were Rafael Bueno, Sean CTall) Cusack, Mark 
Zappala, and Gary Gearin. Ending the tradition of Freshman Cheerleading were Co-captains Theresa Bolduc 
and Amy Hilderbrandt leading our teams to victory. 

With one year behind us and 3 more to follow we began to beam with confidence as we looked forward to our 
sophomore year. We became more daring and names heard more frequently on the intercom were: Anthony 
Carelli, Diana Croft, Bobbie- Jo Estes, Mario Finnochiaro, Kim Kasperowitz, and Ellen McGibbon. Our J.V. 
Baseball team had a very successful year with a record of 1 O wins and 4 losses. The squad consisted of such 
players as: Jeff Raimondi, Paul McPeak, Rich Salois, and Darren Spada. 

Leading us through ourdifficult Sophomore yearwas Pres. Marissa Sacchiero, VicePres. Heidi Van Meter, 
seer. Rachael Demers, and Treasurer Frank Cavallaro. With the arrival of our class rings, much to our 
dismay, the artists rendition of the ranger had a nose that rivaled Shae Baddour. 

With thoughts concerning our junior year we held our elections which resulted in Pres. Dave Picarillo, 
Vice-Pres. Tony Ramy, Secretary Fred Sanguedolce, and Treasurer Kelly Siggens. 

The years 1 982 and 1 983 proved to be successful for varsity football. Some of the more outstanding 
players on the team were Steve Walsh and Dan McCarthy. 

Lisa Bilodeau, Sandy Palumbo, Angela Plantamura, and Karen Whiteside helped lead the varsity indoor 
track with an impressive record of 5 wins and 2 losses. 

Our junior year proved to be successful for some, but for others, such as the Boys Varsity Tennis team who 
with a record of 5 wins and 1 3 losses proved the theory "You Can't Win them All! " Members of this team who 
never gave up were Dan Barry, Glenn Grillo and Sean Cusack. 

To keep us entertained during the day, we had a live boxing match between James Murphy and Al 
Moschetto. Ringside referee, Arthur Nicholson III, declared the fight a draw with a prize for each contestant: 
a 3 day vacation. This by the way was a sell-out crowd. 

Our Varsity Boys' Indoor track team had an impressive season with a record of 8 wins O losses. Juniors 
helping in this performance were Chris Cameron, Paul Hickey, Rob Marggraf and Barry Tardugno. 

The month of April was highlighted by the Junior Semi-Formal at DiBurro's on the 1 5th. As usual, most 
attending were found escaping to parties by 10:00 

As the school year came to an end the candidates for Boys' and Girls' State were chosen; they consisted of: 
Dave Picarillo, Steve Walsh, Gary Gearin, Paul Izzi, and Erik White. Kathy Dignam, Maura Bresnahan, and 
Beth Schmottlach. 

Our final class elections were held in May. After the count and recount, the results were: Pres. — Dave 
Picarillo, V. Pres. — Tony Ramy, Treasurer — Kelly Siggens and newcomer Barbara McCarthy. Sec. 

In September of 1 983, we were now at the top of the ladder. Senioritis, which began 2 days after Labor 
Day, was evident by the attendance at Marc DiFrucia's house party which rivaled any other event held by 
Methuen High. 

Our Homecoming Queen this year was Ellen Endyke attended by Lori Leahy and Kelly Siggens. The band 
provided us with halftime pleasure and as in past years continued to win various awards. The band consisted 
of many talented seniors such as Debbie Furnari, Tim Sipsey, Matt Machera, Mark Hertrich, Cathie Cullum, 
Katie Lannan, Rafael Bueno, Randy McCrillis and Brenda Hughes. Tim Frechette, our own cheerleader. 
donned his blue wig and entertained us whenever we needed a little spirit. 

Records were set by the soccer team. Led by Co-Captains Mike DiPalermo and Glenn Morissette, the team 
boasted an overall record of 1 4-3-3 and won its first state tournament game ever. Other seniors were: Tony 
Ramy, Dave Picarillo, Paul McPeak, Glenn Grillo, Chip Bradbury, Joe McGum and Jeff Raimondi. Also our only 
girl ever to earn a Varsity Soccer Letter, Marissa Sacchiero. 

Seniors John Saba and Mike Whittaker led the Varsity Wrestling team to an undefeated season and a first 
place finish in the M.V.C. Tournament. Other Seniors were Dan McCarthy, Dave Kraunelis and Dave 

Still with another M.V.C. Championship this year the Girls' Varsity Basketball team closed out a terrific 
season with an overall record of 1 5-3. Our team of NICE girls was led by Co-Captains Chris Salvo and Teresa 
Padvaiskas. Other seniors were: Kathy Dignam, Bev Brien and Pam Moll. 

Time seemed to fly by as we filled out applications and anxiously waited to hear from colleges and job 

Before we realized it, the senior class play was upon us. For the first time in Methuen High history, we 
experimented with a drama instead of a comedy. Rehearsal for Murder produced many aspiring actors and 
actresses such as Rob Marggraf, Lori Passerello, Lisa Bilodeau, Karen Cardoza and Robyn Moll. 

During this blur of time, the 1 98-4 Yearbook Staff was rushing to make their deadlines. Led by co-editors 
Heidi Parker and Dan Barry, the staff made the deadlines by the skin of their teeth. 

This year's Senior Prom was held at Sheraton Rolling Green on May 28, 1 984 which will always be a 
long-lasting memory! And that's the way it was in this year of 1 984. 

That's all folks! 

Christine Salvo Mark Zappala 

Promises Promises 

Naked Eyes 

Let it be known that we, the class of 1 984 of Methuen, Mass. , being 
leaving these hallowed halls of learning, do hereby decree this to be 

1 . I, Shae leave Michelle the greatest relationship ever created and 
all my love for the rest of our lives. 

2. I, Shae leave Tim one car with a warranty that is guaranteed to 
last more than six months. 

3. We the few, leave Tim one boat for the junior prom. 

4. I, Shae leave Bob Schruender one bench to sit on and become an 
everlasting splint. 

5. I, Shae leave Steve a friendship never to be forgotten. 

6. We Gina and Chris, leave Leanora a muzzle to keep her quiet. 

7. We, Jason and Glenn leave Comrade Whiting our seats in period 
one Politburo. 

S. We, Cindy and Joanne, leave Mr. Russell a tape recording of all 

our complaints. 

9. I, Martha Hunt, leave Leanne Jacques the biggest, brightest 

balloon ever made — and my friendship. 

1 O. We, Jim Martin, Ken Taylor and Rod Davteuil leave Mr. Czarnec 

a lifetime supply of oranges to power his house and car. 

11.1, Tony, leave Mr. Jennings the chair that I strongarmed at him. 

12. I, Sandra leave Ms. Benner-Hall a laugh, the next time no one 
laughs when they are supposed to. 

13. We, Karen and Kim leave Cheryl B. , a one-way ticket to Cali- 

1 4. We, Karen and Jae leave Mr. Russell one egg-roll. 

1 5, I, Kim leave Mr. Ziminski a direct line to the nurse's office. 

1 B. I, Michelle leave Steve Walsh a tall blonde with blue eyes. 

1 7. I, Michelle, leave Martin Couture his own gossip column in the 

Lawrence Eagle Tribune "Dear Martin. " 

1 B. We the class of 1 9B4 leave Marc DiFruscia and Rich Greene one 

round trip ticket to Paris Island. 

1 9. We, the girls of Mr. Melnicki's fourth period English class leave 

Mike Castiglione a brush so he will not borrow ours again. 

20. We, Pat and Cindy leave Mrs. Pinet an easy chair so she can 
relax once in awhile. 

21. I, Rob Marggraf, leave Lisa Holland a part-time boyfriend. 

22. I, Steve, leave Gary an endless supply of High Fives. 

23. I, Karen Balsamo, leave Pam Balsamo a pack of dismissal 

24. I, Beth Ford, leave Linda Rose three of my extra credits. 

25. We Ron, Steve and Paul, leave Mrs. Krusell one honestly taken 
vocab test. 

2S. We, the class of 1 9B4, leave Ryan Pothier to Martin Couture. 
2"7. I, Amy leave Chris all my advice and the stimulating experiences 
for her future use. 
2S. I, Gina. leave Jennifer the brains to learn from her mistakes. 

29. We, Laurie, Sara and Maria leave Mrs. Krusell a year supply of 
Burger King Whoppers and the excuses of why we were late for the 
second half of sixth period. 

30. We, the seniors leave Mike Castiglione: Thank God! 

31. We, the senior class leave Ryan Pothier all the Boy George 
albums, since no one else wants them. 

32. We, the seniors, leave Mr. Melnicki one day of total silence 
without Mike Castiglione and Ellen Endyke. 

33. We Tony, Matt, and John leave Larry Klimas an armed police 
officer to arrest all those people that "oughta be arrested." 

34. We, the senior class of 1 9B4 leave to Mr. Nick a less rambunc- 
tious class of B5. 

35. We, Karen and Lisa leave to Mrs. Krusell two cabinets to fill in 
our seats. 

36. We, Tony and Dave leave Mr. Moore 20 Mr. Whiting passes and 
low blood pressure. 

37. I, Gary leave Lisa her own nationally syndicated gossip column 
and a copy of the book "How to be Romantic in 1 3 easy steps. " 
3S. I, Lori leave Ma H. many days of headaches, hugs, kisses, and 
many memories of 4 years. 

39. I, Heidi leave Michelle and Beth another year of Chip Munk Punk. 

40. We, Bob and Tim leave Joanne and Cindy a tape of each other to 
keep them company next year. 

41.1, Lisa leave Dave a big hug for all those times I needed him and for 
his understanding. 

42. I, Margaret leave Mr. Herlihy a yellow tie to go with his pink, 
green, and purple one. 

43. I, Mike Leave Kelly the memories we've shared and the good 
times we will have. 

44. I, Katie leave Gary all my love. 

45. I. Bob. leave Timo a pair of ear plugs so he won't go deaf from his 

46. I, H.P. , leave Mrs. Krusell one deadline to meet and my many, 
many thanks. 

4"7. We, Marisa and Theresa, leave Tammy and Lisa an official judge 
for their everyday measuring contests. 

4B. We, the Honors Anatomy Class of 1 9S4, leave Mr. Ziminski, a 
book on how to keep your class awake. 

of sound and reasonable mind and realizing the uncertainties of life upon 
our last will and testament: 

49. I, Dan, leave Glenn every book having to do with French, happily. 

50. We, Dave and Steve, leave Leo Bermann our undying gratitude 
for all the good times he gave us. 

51 . We, the 6th period chemistry class, leave Mr. Moore 2000 
boards to write on in 5 minutes. 

52. I, Maura, leave Heidi lots of good memories. 

53. I, Timo, leave all my wild clothes to some lucky underclassman, 
but I am keeping the checkered sneakers. 

54. I, Timothy Frechette, leave my blue and white wig to Methuen 
High School to use when the school needs a lift. 

55. I, Timo, leave Mr. Yelle all my missing homework assignments 
and a new tie. 

56. I, Timo, leave a ticket to Florida and all my overdue artwork to 
next year's yearbook art steff. 

5"7. I, Timo, leave Mr. Ca-Zarnic with all the memories of our "HOT 


5S. I, Timo. leave Shae lots and lots and lots and lots of luck. 

59. I, Diane, leave Ryan the rest of Elton John's outfit to match his 

60. I, Diane, leave Tony a book called "How to Invent Your Own 

61.1, Kelly, leave Mike Jordan a life supply of Maalox. 

62. I, Tammy, leave Tony a life-long friendship and all my love. 

63. WE, Tammy M. and Lisa D. and Marisa F., leave Mrs. Krusell 
nothing because she has everything. 

64. We, the 1 9B4 Varsity Baseball team, leave Mark Jozokos . . . 

65. I, Heidi, leave Rhonda and Darryn the best of luck. 

66. I, Jeff, leave Dawn a dozen turtlenecks and baggy jeans. 

6"7. We, John and Rob, leave Barry 1 million dollars so he can pay off 
all his debts. 

6S. We, the cast of the senior class play, leave Ma all the memories, 
for we shall remember them forever. 

69. We, Marj and Robyn, leave Mr. Hallbauer a clone of Amy Hilder- 

70. I, Bridgette, leave Katie a dry bath tub and a John Cougar album. 
71.1, Bridgette, leave Tony a million hugs to last him while he's away. 

72. I, Joanne, leave Laura a full length mirror and a picture of me and 
Mark so she won't have to stare at us anymore. 

73. I, Barbara, leave Kim P., Nellie, good luck. 

74. I, Junior, leave Bubba a crash helmet and a new auto insurance 

75. I, Peggy, leave Bridgette the will to succeed in her moderation. 

76. I, 5helly, leave Katie sunblock, a bar of soap, SB and friendship. 

77. I, Rob Marggraf leave Jay Tardugno a S1 CO McCartney's gift 
certificate so he doesn't have to borrow my clothes and not return 

78. We, Mr. Gurry's sophomore class leave him Kawalski and the 

79. We, the 1 9B4 Yearbook staff leave Joanne Zaremba a free 
polio shot, a magnifying glass to find all the things she couldn't and a 
truck load of pep pills. 

80. We, the class of 1 9B4, leave Dan Barry a plane so he can rule as 
he chooses. 

81 . I, Diane, leave Theresa and Glenn 1 04 skeeball tickets. 

82. I. Debbie Furnari leave Mr. Whipple a picnic table to go with his 

83. I, Joan, leave Kim a manequin so she'll have someone to skip first 
period with. 

84. We, Bonnie and Beth, leave Mr. Nicholson a book entitled "One 
Million Excuses for Excused Absences." 

85. We, Mike and John leave the juniors on the wrestling team more 
pity and hard practices with the "TURK." 

86. I, Tony, leave Ms. Hiller a muzzle to put on Lisa Holland. 

87. I, Lori, leave to the cast of "Rehearsal for Murder" the party we 
never had at my house in Florida on March 24, 1 984. 

88. I, Shelly, leave Kathy a collection of Billy Joel songs. 

B9. I, Randi, leave Chris Flanagan a date for next September. 

90. We. the Class officers of 1 984. make Mike D. and John Saba 
honorary class officers so they'll stop the crying. 

91. I, Rob, leave Tim "the studd" DiFalco my car. 

92. I, Dave, leave Shelley a trip to Florida anytime. 

93. We, the senior class leave Mr. Nick winter clothes. 

94. We, the senior class officers leave Mr. Whiting our many thanks 
for his help this year. 

95. We, Honors English 12, leave our mentor, T.J., 2 tickets to the 
Michael Jackson concert Cfor him and his cabbage patch kid. Bill 
Shakespeare), a driveway full of snow year round, e Jane Fonda 
Poster, a deck of cards that are fixed so he would always win and our 
many thanks. 

Signed and attested to this 31 st day of May, 1 9B4 
David Picarillo and Anthony Ramy 

The Eurythmics 

The yean is 2004, the place is MHS field house, and the event is the 20th year reunion of the graduating class of 
1 984. The building itself hasn't changed, but the people have changed drastically. For instance: 

Valerie Sarkis now walks the streets of Boston selling Kealey's bags to ex-high school students. Some 

anxious buyers are Joel Cameron, Gina Izzi, and Erik White. 

Laurie Leach is now the owner of a hair cutting company, and her two best customers are Manny 

Marchese, now an English Professor at Tufts, and Tony Carelli. 

Leanne Jacques will be the anchorperson of the CBS Evening News after Dan Rather retires. Directing 

and producing the show is John Makus Productions. 

After 20 years of hard work, Liz Bistany has finally finished her yearbook layouts only to find out that 

Heidi Parker will change them because they were wrong. 

Paul McPeak has just won the Indy 500 for the 1 Oth consecutive time. 

The cartoon star Barba Papa has recently passed away and Ryan Pothier is now taking over his role. 

Astronauts Ellen Endyke, Julie Leonard, and Gina Golec became the first women to go to the moon 

without space ships. 

Glenn Dewhirst, Paul Izzi, and Jason larossi all defected to communist Russia and now hold prominent 

positions in the Politburo. 

Tim Sipsey, Mark Hertrich, and Randy McCrillis, led by their manager Mark Zappala, have become the 

biggest group since the Beatles, with their biggest fan Debbie Furnari still waiting for an autograph. 

Tim Frechette, after dropping out of Mass Art School, married, and he and his wife are now living 

comfortably on his wife's social security. 

In the year 2004 NBA championship, the team of Karen and Sharon Spinney. Dave Richardson. Michelle 

Leclerc, Tom Kelly and Jeff Hailson narrowly defeated the team of Lisa Bilodeau. Pam and Paula Markert. 

Andy Vermette, Sean Cusack, and Wesley Haigh. Losing coach Rob Marggraf was quoted "It would have 

been a big win for us little guys". Matt Machera and Chris Morasse will be selling pencils in front of 

Lawrence District Court after flunking out of Suffolk Law School. 

John Saba and Tony Ramy are President and Vice-President of Anheuser Busch Inc. They have just filed 

suit against fugitives: Darren Spada, Frank Cavallaro, John Kelleher, Michael Jordan, Kevin Pelletier, 

Barbara McCarthy and Debbie Santommasino for highjacking B full beer trucks for their own personal 

pleasure. They were finally apprehended by Sargeant Peggy Kennedy of the Mass. State Police. 

Martin Couture and Lisa Holland have combined in completing their 2000 page book, "Have I got a story 

to tell you". 

Gary Gearin's hot dog stand, Weinie World is doing very well in Fairbanks, Alaska. Some of Gary's most 

faithful employees are: Kathy Stacy, Kris Lacroix, and Katie Lannan. Their most loyal customers are: 

Bob Choquette, Pat Cronin, and Billy St. Louis. 

In the recent powerlifting championships held in Helsinki, Finland, Bev Brien and Heidi Wunderlich defeated 

the team of Fred Sanguedolce and Ben Miele. 

Chip Bradbury ate through the Hoover Dam and flooded a town killing hundreds. The only survivors were 

Methuen swimmers Kara Nightengale, Diane Fyrer. and Erin Commerford. 

The 1 9S4 Yearbook staff on their 20th Reunion noticed that Mrs. Krusell was wearing an outfit that 

she had worn before. Scott Truesdale, Bob Petzoid and Peter Cardini were all abducted by aliens from 

another planet, and forced to listen to disco music. Once freed they were put under the psychiatric care 

of Doctors Patty Tardiff and Kathy Dignam. Kim Holdsworth (Queen Beef] has bought out Wendy's and 

will be opening her chain of fast food stores called "Kimber's Burgers" 

Martha Hunt joined a hippie movement, "Hippies For Today, " and won the flower child of the year award 

for her achievements in recruitment. 

After being charged with embezzlement of 1 million dollars in travelers checks, Glenn Morissette and 

Crazy Diane Fyrer are holding out in Zimbabwe. 

While shopping in a lingerie boutique, Joanne Zaremba, Cindy Bouchard, Paula Wlasits and Marjorie 

Waks ran into the proud owners of the store, ex-marines Chris Bundzinski, Richard Greene, and Andy 

As we prepared to eat, we notice that some members of the graduated class are missing. We have learned that 
Mr. Nicholson has found them all skipping dinner for a nightcap at Marc Difrucia's house. 


Step by Step 

Al Jameau 

One day at a time — 

this is enough 

Do not look back 

and grieve over the past, 

for it is gone; 

and do not be troubled 

about the future, 
for it has not yet come. 

Live in the present, 

and make it so beautiful 

that it will be worth 


— Ida Scott Taylor 
These famous words written by Ida Scott Taylor should be the precedent for each individual present today. 
Because of the chaos of today's world, many are concerned with memories of yesterday and thoughts of 
tomorrow, and often fail to realize the importance of today. This is life. 

All of us may have many strong recollections of the past, but they are gone; we cannot bring them back, 
regardless of how hard we try. Surely, there are things we have done which we all regret and long to forget, but 
these things were meant to teach us a lesson, and we have learned from our mistakes as well as from the mistakes 
of others. On the other hand though, there are times we yearn to remember. These times were often "dreams 
come true" — times we'll never forget. 

Although it may be our wish to relive the past, it is more meaningful preserved within our minds. 
Along with remembrances of things past come thoughts of the future. In a few weeks we shall be heading our 
separate ways and continuing our lives, but we cannot be troubled by these thoughts of the future. The future will 
come when it comes. Now we must live for today. Obviously, plans for the future must be made and thoughts of the 
future cannot be avoided, but we must not dwell upon these ideas. Many of us may be worried about what will 
happen in future years. We should be concerned, to some extent, with this but not overly concerned to the point of 
being troubled by it. Eventually, things will work out; they usually do for most of us. Don't wish this treasure of life 
away; life is short enough as it is. 

I'm not advising you to forget the past or never think of the future, but I feel it's important to keep in perspective 
that today is the day we should be anxious about — today was meant to be unique in many special ways for each of 
us. This day should be lived as if it were the first day, as well as the last day, of our lives. Each day was made to 
provide us with the opportunity to better ourselves and fullfill every one of our precious dreams. This is the goal 
towards which we should strive. 

It is with this thought that I leave you, my fellow Classmates, the Class of 1 984, and wish all of you the best of 
luck. Farewell. 

Valedictory Address 1 9B«4: 
Diane V. Fyrer 


-; *n 

Mirror, Mirror 

Diana Ross 

Honored guests, parents, members of the school committee, members of the faculty and administration, and 
fellow graduates: 

Welcome to the graduation of the Class of 1 9B4. 

Today is a day which we will long remember as a turning point in each of our lives. We are looking forward to the 
future and setting new goals for ourselves and, at the same time, we are reflecting upon these last four years with 
• feelings of accomplishment and gratification. Each of us has shared one common goal, and we have successfully 
reached that goal together here today as we become graduates of the Methuen High School Class of 1 9S4. 

Fortunate are those persons who are able to carry over into the future those qualities and traits they have 
developed enabling them to succeed in high school. Upon entering college or the job market, we are tested by 
having to rely on those morals we have attained through family, school and social experiences. The invaluable 
knowledge we have acquired throughout high school has come not only from books, but also from relationships 
among friends and faculty. Our family's support has encouraged us, and we share our pride and gratification with 
them today. 

Discipline, organization, independence and adaptability are just a few of the many values which we have learned in 
order to help us to prepare for our future. Looking back over these past years, we see how, with each day and with 
each new experience, we have become more aware of our own capabilities and the standards we have set for 
ourselves. We are now less dependent upon others and more responsible as young adults because of our 
education both in and out of the classroom. 

One may wonder, for example, how a seemingly senseless mathematics problem can prepare him for life ahead. 
Math teaches a person how to deal not only with problems in text books, but also with problems that a person 
experiences in life. To solve a text-book problem, a student first examines and understands it and then proceeds to 
use techniques he has been taught in a step-by-step process to reach a solution. A person may resolve problems in 
everyday life much in the same way. Thinking things through and having a positive attitude are essential in resolving 
problems both in math and in life. 

Reflections of our past are necessary throughout our lives as we remember both our successes and our 
failures, learning from each and always remaining confident of our capabilities and challenged by our new en- 
deavors. As we look to the future, a quote from the American poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, is surely full of 

"What I must do is all that concerns me, not what people think ... It is easy in the world to live after the world's 
opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after your own; but the great man is he who, in the midst of the crowd, keeps with 
perfect sweetness the independence of solitude." 

We hope the knowledge we have acquired, the experiences from which we have benefited and the friendships we 
have begun will remain with us as we reflect on our past and step into the future. 

Congratulations — Class of 1 9B4 

Salutatorian Address 1 9B4: 
Glenn (Vlonssette 


Dream On 


For the past four years we have had the constant inspiration of our parents, teachers, and friends. But as we 
mark the end of this four-year period, we also mark the beginning of a new era of independence; independence that 
will lead us all to different pursuits, pursuits that will no longer be filled with the constant push of those around us. 
The inspiration that will spur us onward will be ours. 

Our dreams and imagination will serve as the motivation as we strive to succeed. Our sense of desire will serve as 
the driving force as we overcome the apparent insurmountable obstacles of the future. Our ability to fulfill these 
aspirations will give the key to our success. 

The future is ours and it is up to us to go out and seize it; it is up to us to fulfill our dreams and to achieve our 
desires. Our dreams are the future, fellow classmates. Whether it is to become a doctor, lawyer or even President 
of the United States we have all had dreams. And in the immortal words of William Shakespeare: 

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on. " 

Skeptics have said that dreams cause disillusionment. But I believe that those who have no dreams, have no 

I urge you to dream on, dream until your dreams come true. But remember to have the courage and fortitude to 
strive towards the fulfillment of these dreams. Have the strength and desire to achieve these dreams. Most 
important is to develop self-confidence and self-esteem to insure these dreams will become realities. 

Often times we have heard the words of inspiration: 
"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it 
If you can dream it, you can become it. " 

If I could leave you, my fellow graduates with one hope, it would be the hope that your dreams of today become 
your achievements of tomorrow. 

Honor Essayist 1 3B4: 
Gary Gearin 


They Work Hard for Their 


Donna Summer 



1 t 





OF 1984 


The Damco Family: 

Metal Fabrications & Stampings 

Fastener Supply Corp. 
Plastic Molding Manufacturing 

George E. Danis 




5 Bridge Street Watertown, MA 021 72 






Distributors of 


Restaurant Blend Coffee 

Office & Sales Room 
25 Calumet Drive, Methuen, Ma. 

(617) B85-5BOB 





Congratulations and Best Wishes 


The Class of 1 984 


1 <45 Marston Street 
Lawrence, Mass. 01841 

The Salon for Him and Her 

Hair Styles By 

Fred Hamad — Beth Blanchard 

Vicky Smith — Sharon Corriveau 

73 Lawrence Street 
Methuen, Mass. 01844 

Tel. 682-2900 


Phone 687-7540 and B86-39D3 


25 Water St. 
New Furniture 

27 Archer St. 
Used Furniture 

Lawrence, Mass. 


Speed Equipment Specialists 

All Brands of Speed Equipment in Stock 
H. P. Machine Shop Service 

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Open Mon. Through Fri. 1DA.M. -B P. M. 
Saturday 1 O A. M. -3 P. M. 


Tires Si 
our Specialty 


Mounting S. 
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J K 


*V1 '^VSai^ 


■ :■■.■■. • 1 




.■:■"■" .'■ '■■ .-.:■.■■■■ ... 

; - . : ; : ; ■ : : ' 

■ ■ : . ■ ; : . . : ■' 




222 LOWELL STREET, LAWRENCE, MASS. (61 7) 686-9743 




Charles F. Dewhirst, Jr. 
Richard C. Dewhirst 



BO Broadway 
Methuen, Ma. Q1844 

[617) 687-1333 
C61 7) 686-0171 



International Karate Organization Kyokushi 
Massachusetts U.S.A. 
Massachusetts Chairman 
Larry F. Giordano, 4th Dan 

"70A Bonanno Court Classes 

Methuen, Mass. 018-44 Tues. Si Thurs. 

[61 7) 683-4287 6:00-9:00 



Tel. C6 17) 687-4544 


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7 Days a Week 

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Congressman Jim Shannon 

"Neve^ look down to test the ground before taking your step: only he who keeps his eye 
fixed on the far horizon will find his right road. " 

Dag Hammarskjold, March 1 365 




N I 

I B 

1884-1384 R 





1 984 

The first activity held at the Nevins Memorial Hall and library 
was the graduation of the six members of Methuen High School 

Class of 1 8B4 

Mary W. Harvey Catharine L. Smith 

Mary E. Sargent Grace E. Stevens 

Emma A. Sawyer Lunetta M. Stevens 

June 1-4. 1B84 

The Nevins Memorial Library Trustees and Staff are happy 
to celebrate our 1 OOth Birthday by honoring the 


The Centennial Committee 



;»'1V *■-%■'. V^-X* 


Knowledge is the eye of desire and can 
become the pilot of the soul — Will Durant 

It's with much pride that we congratulate you, who are the future of our 
community. Your diploma can be the start of a great beginning, a key to 
open the door to a successful life in whatever field of endeavor you may 
choose. May you continue to enjoy success in all that you strive for. 

Lawrence ESmeTHbune 

Over 54,000 copies sold every day including Sundays. 



Margaret Arcidiacono 
Daniel Barry 
Theresa Bolduc 
Maura Bresnahan 
Robert Brown 
Lisa Buyck 
Kathleen Dignam 
Diane Fyrer 
Gary Gearin 
Lisa Holland 
Paul Izzi 

Patricia Maranto 
Benjamin Miele 

Glenn Morissette 
Gebniele Oeckl 
Tammy Qualters 
Frederick Sanguedolce 
Beth Schmottlach 
Kelly Ann Siggins 
Tim Sipsey 
Darren Spada 
Kathleen Stacy 
Majorie Waks 
Mark Zappala 
Joanne Zaremba 

Best Wishes 
Class of 1 984! 

Methuen Youth Hockey Association 



The Collectors' Record Store 

3B6 South Broadway 

in Cumberland Farms Plaza 

Salem, N.H. 03D79 

Tel. CBQ3D B98-2143 




a r 






Telephone 683-10B0 



2 Osgood Street Methuen, Ma. 01B44 


1 2B Merrimack Street 
Wang. Plaza 

Rt. 1 1 O at 435 Methuen, Mass. 


J V 





Panlex manufactures flexible printed circuits, flat laminated cable, rigid printed circuits, rigid 
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process control, Equipment, Motorola, and hundreds of others. 

Parlex is a name synonymous with inventiveness and quality. The company is a leader and an 
innovator in its specialty: interconnection and products for electronic equipment. 

Parlex Corporation was organized in May of 1 970. The founders of the company initially 
rented office space at the Old Town Hall building in Methuen, Massachusetts. In October of 
that same year operations began at the present site, located at 1 45 Milk Street in Methuen. 
The original building was 1B.DOO sq. ft. Later in 1974, and again in 1979, additional space 
was constructed increasing the building area to 50,000 sq. ft. expansion first completed in 
June of 1 982 gives Parlex a total of 1 20,000 sq. ft. This makes Parlex one of the largest 
manufacturers in its field. 

Parlex products have been to the moon and beyond, they also fly in aircraft, travel in U.S. 
Army tanks, move rapidly in computer printers, and they are at the heart of many 
pacemakers. ^^^^^^^^JM 

145 Milk Street: Methuen, Massachusetts 01S44 


^ r 


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Co. , Inc. 

Paints — Wallpapers — Painter's Supplies 

1 5 Broadway 
Ben-iie Gold Lawrence, Mass. Q1844 

Good Feeling Goes With Square Dealing 


Wholesale Dealers in 

Scrap Metal and Iron 

Waste Paper — Rags, ETC. 

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Methuen, Mass. 


J V 

> r 

Congratulations to 






S3 Swan St. , Route 11D 
Methuen, Mass. 

4 Main Street 
Andover, Mass. 


J V. 







The Entire Graduating Class 





Best of Luck to the Class of 1 984 
From the 



President Dr. George Boes 

Vice President Gloria Baker 

Secretary Joe Salvo 

Treasurer Jim Fyrer 


> r 


30 Lawrence Street 
Lawrence, Mass. 



Good Luck Class of '84! 

Andrew P. Sorbo 
J. Joan Sorbo 
Peter M. Krusell 
Diane Corriveau 


William Harrison 
Ralph Fillipon 
Chip Stott 


J v 


1 1 1 O Riverside Drive 
Methuen, Massachusetts 

Telephone BB3-22Q1 




45 Hampshire Street 

Methuen, Massachusetts 01 844 

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> r 

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Member FDIC & DIFM 
Andover / Lawrence / Methuen / North Andover / Tewksbury 

J V 




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Best Wishes to the Class of 1 384! 


Prescription Specialists 

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Good Luck to the 
Class of 1 984 









The Place with the BIG 

115 Merrimack Street, Methuen, Massachusetts 

to the class of 1 984 

We wish each and every one of you the very best in the years to come. Remember 
the advantage of being part of the greatest country in the world. 

you have 



Fuel Oil 









Custom Vinyl Siding 


Alfred DiPrima 


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Memorial Repairs — Memorial Setting 

Mon. 9:30-6:00 

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All Occasions 

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Dongnatulations To The 
Dlass of '84 


Route 28, Salem, N.H. 

Business: 6B6-3212 

Home: 688-2140 

Have The Right of Way 
Male S Female Instructors 
Let's All Pledge Safe Driving 


Classroom #513 George Jabour 

1 1 Lawrence St. 1 40 Pleasant Valley 

Lawrence, MA0 1 BAA Methuen, MA0 1 BAA 





Mr. James J. Maloney 

Elmwood Cemetry Employees 

Linda L. Lyons 

Mr. Thomas Jennings — 

Best of luck to the class of "S<4 

Mrs. Shirley Hovanasian 

Mr. Michael Hughes 

Mr. Donald Smith 

Debbie (Martino) Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Bistany 

Studio 1 3 

Ann Marie & Peter Krusell — 
Good luck class of '84 

John J. & Marie L. Barry — 

Class of '84: the best is yet to come 

Mr. David Whiting 

Ramy's Hair Stylists 

Nick & Viv Ramy 

Uniglobe Andrew Travel 

Andrew-Service Station 

Mr. S Mrs. Leslie G. Baynes — 
Congratulations to our granddaughter 
Beth, and her friends 

Mr. S Mrs. John J. Donovan 

Mr. S Mrs. Kevin O'Connell 

Mr. & Mrs. David Schmottlach S Family — 
Good luck to Beth and the "class of 'B<4" 

Mr. S Mrs. Thomas J. Bresnahan 

Mr. S Mrs. Robert Lippe 

Jack Donovan 

^ r 


Mrs. Patricia Pelletien 

Celeste Lippe 

Marilyn Dufton 

Marion Minahan 

Barbara Sexton 

Geri Hart 

Dorothy Verzi 

Ellen Sicard 

The Brien Family 

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Rhonda Pappalardo 

The Parker Family 

Stacy Parsons 

Karen Ricci 


Sporting Goods, Inc. 

487 Essex St. 
Lawrence. Massachusetts 


539 Hampshire St. 
Lawrence, Massachusetts 


"Another boring class. 

"Excuse me, Do you have a pass?" 

"Exciting, this isn't. 

George Orwell, where are 

"Have you played your numbers today?" 

"Say chat again and I'll lee you have it." 

"Pose much?" 

"Which way did he go?" 

"Quick! Call the Marines. 

Coleslaw kid. ' 

□avid Bowie 

After three nights of performances, the cast 
members and backstage crew of the Senior Class 
Play celebrated at the cast party. This year the 
party was held at the Grotto Casanelli in Haverhill. 
After dinner was served, the tables were pushed 
aside to allow more room for the festivities. Inspired 
by such movies as Flashdance and Footloose, many 
students demonstrated their dancing ability and all 
enjoyed the evening. 



This Is It 

Kenny Loggins 

1 984 was a yean in which we saw many 

changes come about. On both the local and 

national levels, many events occurred which 

should prove to be indelible memories that 

we will keep for many years to come. While 

furor raged between the high school and 

superintendent's office over the 

controversial re-accreditation report, some 

took a much needed day off courtesy of 

Mark DiFruscia. On a more serious note, 

the United States scored a military victory 

in the invasion of the island of Grenada, 

while it emerged slightly humilated from the 

Middle East. Superstars like Michael 

Jackson, Boy George, and Tom Cruz 

entertained us while others stood in line for 

their own Cabbage Patch Doll. All in all, 

1 984 was an awesome year marked by the 

most important event of all ... graduation. 

llrolhrn and sislen in a family of million* Thanks In computer technology, the first toy of the po\lindustrial age 

business ^^^^^ Z^ZZZZZZZ^ZIZIZ 

Oh, You Beautiful Dolls! 

Heart; and Soul 

Huey Lewis and The News 

Mrs. Anne Eckman 

Mrs. Barbara Fiorello 

Mr. Guy Garon — Hunter Publishing Co. 

Mrs. Lillian Hershfield 

Mr. David Isadore 

Mr. Thomas Jennings 

Miss Ruth Lange 

Mr. Milton Lebowitz 

Rob Marggraf 

Ms. Marylee Moynihan 

Mr. William Murray — Loring's Studio 

Mr. Arthur Nicholson 

Mr. Ray Rilat 

The Red Tavern 

Mr. James Shamberger 

Mr. Hugh Taylor 

Mr. David Whiting 

Ms. Madeline Wood — Loring's Studio 



• Winston-Salem 

• North Carolina 

Guy Garon, Hampton Falls, N.H 


■ . . v , . 


METHUEN, MA 01844 


Methuen High School Yearbook, 1984 Songs in the 
REF 974.45 MET 73604 

Methuen High School Media Center 


METHUEN, MA 01844 


Not Tata from Ttes mm